Saturday, April 09, 2011

A good morning!

Wesley seems very glad to be home!

Last night my mom stayed into the evening and about 6ish she headed out after having helped with baths.  About 7:30, once most of the kids were in bed, I laid down with a book (on the iPad) for just a minute.   I didn't get back up for quite some time, and ended up going right to bed!  I was exhausted!

Michael put Wesley down and he was able to sleep with minimal propping in is regular toddler bed.  We weren't sure, based on the positioning of the cast, if that would really work.  It did tho!  I got up about 10pm to change his diaper since Mike isn't so sure about getting it all put back together right (the important part) quite yet.

Wesley slept all night, had a wet (but not saturated) diaper this morning, and joined us in bed at 6am.  The rest of the crew slept for quite some time and we all got up about 7.  Oh, wait, that would be Mike that got up at 7.  Around 7:30 I realized he was awake and came out with a GIGGLING Wesley!  He'd kicked the pillow out from between his legs (was propped on his side) and he is the one that woke me up :)  So yes, I got almost 12 full hours of only slightly interrupted sleep!  I heard someone crying at 3:30 am and came out to realize it was Lynae, so I went back to bed.  She isn't supposed to be up at 3:30! (Someone commented on how mean it is that I go back to bed when I know it's Lynae-- I did check on her, but she is just in a wake cycle of getting up at 3:30 or 4am and since I figured out it wasn't Wesley- their cries sound similar- I did go back to sleep and she laid back down within 3 or 5 minutes and went back to sleep without help.  Yes, we let her do that and she is learning to sleep through the night again after having had a cold previously and being up several times a night.  Mike made the mistake of giving her a cup one day at about 3:30 and now she's pretty sure that should be the new routine.  Call it mean, but she really is fine and went right back to sleep on her own! :)  ).

Everyone had breakfast and I got Wesley situated then I sat down on the couch and... I was out cold for another hour!  I had a seriously sleep-deprived week, and the beginnings of a major icky sinus thing which I can only guess is from the dry hospital air.  I got all the kids dressed and by the time we had the kids play for a little bit, we went ahead and did lunch at their 'normal' time, around 11.  Then most of the kids laid down for naps and of course I... fell asleep on the couch.  I probably only slept about 20 minutes there before some of the kids woke me up playing.  They were banished to the other end of the house so they didn't wake up the kids... ;)  And I went back to my bed to go back to sleep after making sure Michael was awake and paying attention to the two that were awake :).

And yes, I went right back to sleep for probably another hour with only a brief interruption from a knock on the door.

That knock happened to be my parents, dropping off their mini van for us to use this next week.  Since we have to have Wesley at the house when we go pick up kids from school this coming week, we needed a vehicle that more people were able to drive to use for pick up and drop off from school.  We can't ask someone to drive our 15 passenger that isn't used to big vehicles, so my parents loaned us their Quest (which they are trying to sell!  If anyone's interested...) that we can install 4 car seats and a booster seat into and pretty much anyone can drive it to help us pick the kids up.  Normally we'd get "just anyone" (ha) to watch the kids here at the house, but with Wesley requiring more than just basic supervision it will likely be the 'helper' picking up kids rather than watching the 3 at the house.  That's a big blessing to be able to use it for the next few weeks!

Now we're all up and at 'em and yes, I'm awake.  Though if I sit still again I'm pretty sure I could fall right back asleep again!  That's what about 5 days without sleep will do to a person :).

We are blessed to have friends from church bringing us supper tonight and are looking forward to getting to the grocery store and doing our taxes sometime in the next 24 hours... so long as I can stay awake!

And for those who asked, Brianna is FINE today, and never ran a fever yesterday.  Our thought is she may have just overeaten and/or gotten a quick bug that she's over and done with.  She let it go three times within about an hour and has been great ever since.  WHEW. Here's hoping no one else starts in!!

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  1. I marvel at the fact that you manage to blog as well as you do! Where do you find the time? or are you just a VERY FAST typer?!