Friday, April 08, 2011


The crew all together once again...  the two pics of Brianna are the before throwing up her entire stomach contents... 3 times... and after.  Sounds like that's the next adventure... how to keep the post op kid and the poking one separated and both happy and healthy again...


  1. One BIG happy family :)

  2. Hi meredith , I haven been around the past week so im catching up... so glad the surgery is over for W. Just read the post from 4-6-11 and my heart breaks for your precious boy.You all remain in our prayers and especially for W to be able to express to you all when he is in pain.

    Adorable picts of you crew...amazing how big everyone is...Micah looks like a little man

  3. I bet they are all so happy to have you guys back home. Great pics..good luck with the puke! We all said a special prayer for Wesley last night.