Thursday, April 07, 2011

Good morning sunshine

It would be a great day to go home. 

If you didn't have a 102.7 fever... *sigh*

I mentioned he was warm and asked to take his temp at 630am.  Again at 8 during shift change.  At 930 the tech finally came in.  Now it's 10 and the nurse just came in saying she asked for Motrin so we are waiting again. 

My guess is that the low grade fevers we have seen the last two days have been low because the pain meds have kept it down.  They have acetomenophen in them...

He is also really rattley in his chest so I doubt we are headed home today.  :( 

Just got more pain meds and will check in an hour if he needs Motrin too.


  1. Poor Honey Bunny!!!!! Feel Better Wesley! (((HUGS mama)))

  2. He is so handsome Meredith, even when he is looking miserable! Hope they can get his fever figured out grandma was in the hospital last week and, of course, picked up a bug while she was there as well! Always seems to be the way. Hang in there!

  3. I say get Michael to bring you up some Motrin and tell the nurse you are giving him some... and I was a pedi ICU nurse.. When I was septic in the hospital the nurses constantly did that to me...oh, we'll have to call the doctor and then they would forget... Get the your doc yourself and ask him if it's okay to give it to him. Hope your sweet Wesley is feeling better soon AND FEVER FREE!! love wins, Renee

  4. Oh no - poor sweetie. Hope they get it down and it turns out to be nothing too serious.

  5. He is so darling...praying for the best for his legs.

  6. Poor little man, it has been a rough week for all of you. I'm saying prayers he's fever free soon and you all can go home.