Sunday, January 29, 2012


Sometimes I write nothing, because if I wrote anything, there would be way too much to say.

Last week:
Wednesday: Pre-op for Aleksa's ear tubes/hearing test -- All looks well for surgery Friday
Thursday: Lynae pediatrician for ongoing runny nose and cough (since 12/2011!)-- Ended up with Rx for Albuterol 3-4x/day, Claratin for Children, Nasonex, and Singulair for the next 4 months... Appears to be allergies or Asthma.
Friday: Aleksa's ear tube surgery and ABR.  Tubes went in, ears looked awful (??) and hearing test results still out.  Then, evening Financial planning seminar in Orlando with the DSACF which was great, but a late night and made for a very long day!
Saturday: Horse therapy, attempted unsuccessful naps for children, wonderful friend brought dinner!, and Wesley's sleep study (Michael went with him).
Sunday: too many circumstances to describe, but missed church, moved 6 kids' bedrooms around, washed all the kids' sheets, then our fridge died and spent the evening fixing it... or rather watching Michael do that.

When I say it like that, it sounds boring.  Somehow, it was NOT a boring week though!!!  But if I go in to details, I'm thinking I'd be up all night....


  1. It sounds like it was one of those weeks you were glad to have over!

  2. Our fridge died beyond repair last week. Two weeks before we were planning to have the money together for a new one. Our kitchen is gutted to the studs right now. Doesn't everyone remodel in Minnesota? Thankfully I'll be gone for the three days there's no power in there. Dean will be figuring out how lovely it is to have two kids home without power to the kitchen. ;-) In the meantime Axel and I will be in Philly for a check up with the spine surgeon to determine weather or not he needs his spinal fusion re-done. My week felt crazy with just the three, so I can only imagine yours. LOL