Wednesday, January 18, 2012

There's someone growing in there!

This afternoon we had the first OB appointment for this pregnancy, which, yes, is really pretty late in the game :). But, that's how they do things now, so, we go with it. I'm almost 12 weeks along and baby is doing great. And YES, for those of you on the twins bandwagon, you can jump off it now because there is most certainly ONE baby :)

We were able to hear the heartbeat and had a quick ultrasound to take a peek. They only did one measurement (head) and it was just for kicks, but the baby measured almost a week ahead. That is pretty normal, and such an inaccurate measurement at this point that it really doesn't mean anything (except that the baby is growing well, since it wasn't measuring several weeks behind). It will also keep us from putting too much stock in the date that they scheduled our c-section (having had a natural birth-gone-bad then an emergency c and Lynae was then a planned cesarian, this one didn't need much discussion!). As it is, looks like baby #9 will grace os with his or her presence on or around July 31st! Lynae was born on the date. They scheduled for her when I was 8 weeks pregnant, so it's pretty likely that, barring a reason to come earlier or an emergency for someone else that needs to bump us, we will be having a baby that day!

Isn't that weird??? I thought it my entire pregnancy with Lynae too... So strange to not have a guessed on date like a due date that means give or take 2 weeks, but an actual date scheduled at the hospital already just over 6 months in advance...

The outlook from here as far as appointments and such goes, is that I will go back at about 15 weeks. We will have an ultrasound for health, measurements, and gender about 18 weeks. At 19 weeks we go back to the doctor, then see the high risk team for a level 2 ultrasound between 20-22 weeks (this is because of Brianna's heart condition and that Lynae also had a minor issue). At about 23 weeks back to the doctor and again at 27, then every 2 weeks until delivery! That means at least 11 more appointments within the next 6 months plus lab work and anything that 'comes up' unscheduled. Now to make that calendar and my kids' calendar match :)

Edited to add...
The doctors office must have sent us home with reading material for the next 6 months... At least 6 magazines, a pregnancy calendar, two booklet thingies about pregnancy, a bag, etc... I don't remember all that with baby number one and two, but I do with baby 3. Fun stuff :)


  1. I guess I am not reading regularly, because I had no idea! Congratulations! :)

  2. Maybe they forgot you have actually given birth to 3 of your kids? I have to say that it really made me laugh they sent you home with all that info. There you go, you can read it in all your free time ;)
    (By the way, I was never seen before 12 weeks with Ellie or Nichole)