Friday, January 06, 2012

I decided to dream big

In regards to my children's schooling next year... I've decided I want to dream big. What does ideal for each of them look like? What does ideal for our family as a whole look like? What is the combination of those two ideas put together? And what parts of that can translate in to reality?

What is the desired result?
What time constraints do we have?
What parts of life with 8 (or nine...) kids makes some things more or less realistic for us?
What therapies do we want each child to receive, and how does that work in the great plan of it all?
What financial resources are required to do each different part of it?
What physical resources are needed?
What type of man-power would be necessary to accomplish the goal?

And from there... We will see what kinds of changes may be coming for next year, if any.

We will have all of our kids out of pre-k and Lynae won't be starting for another year. We will also have a newborn... The school age kids will be kindy, kindy, first, first, third, third, and third. Kristopher and Brianna are the two on, over, or near grade level, and they will be first and third grade. It's a lot to think about, but it's well worth the time and consideration to know that we are being intentional about our children's education and plans for their futures!

**note to my kids' teachers... This doesn't mean we aren't happy with where they are, and we are not moving anyone this year :) We are simply looking forward and know they won't all be in the same situation next year and we want to be intentional about where they ARE :). We are VERY pleased with all of the teachers and aides this year!! I kind of wish we could just know that they would all be in the same situation next year, but inevitably they do get older and change is inevitable... :)


  1. congratulations on the newest addition!!!:)

  2. Congrats on a new Cornish! Praying for wisdom for you and your hubby on all of these decisions. They would be hard to make. It shows that you are great parents and how much you care for each of them.
    Mary Mcarthur