Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Some Cornish randomness

  • Lynae used to try to keep herself awake by crying... now she plays.  No toys, no nothing, but she still plays.  She is singing the ABC song (amazingly well except for LMNOP), counting her fingers,  and making any and all attempts to engage her sisters.  She's very successful.
  • Lynae has a new favorite toy.  It's a Cabbage Patch Kid 'toddler' she got for Christmas.  It came with a pacifier.  This time last year she would bug me for her pacifier all day long.  Now, she bugs me for her doll's pacifier.  
  • Micah had no accidents throughout all of Christmas break- literally NONE at home- except for one where he stopped himself while we were at the doctor for an ear infection (and the doctor was checking his ear).  He's been back in school for 3 days and had a BM accident (which he hasn't had in MONTHS at home) yesterday and today he wet.  Hmm...
  • James decided today was the day to begin attempting to use the toilet.  He went twice at school today! Now if he can start holding it between going... since he's been going in the toilet AND diaper at home for months...  He just doesn't ever hold it between and doesn't generally go on the toilet at school.
  • Emma and Aleksa are doing well at school, but the old behaviors (before Christmas) are starting to slowly crop up already.  Here's hoping they can be stopped before they get in full swing again... 
  • Wesley is still not eating well.  He ate a total of 16 oz all day yesterday.  Not. Good.  Today we got in 24 oz.  Tube, here we come...
  • Kristopher is glad to be back in school and is enjoying it!  He had karate yesterday and youth group today, which he hadn't been to in a month.  Kris also made two new friends over break.  They happen to live in the same house as one of my childhood friends did, just down the road.  Kristopher has been riding his bike between their house and a friend across the street and enjoying his new found independence!
  • Brianna started back part time with home schooling a few days ago.  She's asking to do the new computer based phonics program, though she needs a bit of help with it still.  I think she's glad to be back to familiar routine a bit and having some more time 'alone' during the day when some of the other kids are at school.  She and Lynae started back at KAD (mom's morning out) yesterday and both were SO excited to go! :)
  • As for me, morning sickness isn't in the morning.  It is 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, so far for about 5 1/2 weeks.  Maybe.  ending.  soon.  I'm about 10 weeks now, and hoping to see a cessation in the next few weeks!


  1. praying that your all day sickness will pass very soon. one of my friends had months of all day sickness. not.nice.

  2. welcome to my hell. everyone said around 14 weeks it'd stop. it didn't. i still had it into 7 months. zofran saved my life.

  3. We can never introduce Lena and Lynae. Lena does the same thing as Lynae, but she does it in the morning. She sings at the top of her lungs, waking us all up. If Reed doesn't get up, she has been known to yell his name and throw her pillow at him.