Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Ok... a little more...

I do realize I left two kids out of my last post.  So, I came back when I could to post a little more.

Mostly, those two are just taking things as they come and doing good, which is why I didn't write about them initially.  Emma is her own little sweet self most of the time.  She is eating well, playing, ripping up books with the best of them, and snuggling like only she knows how.  She is learning that Wesley isn't a toy and is enjoying the "play" time that we've all had together.

Wesley is changing :).  He's understanding a LOT more!  He's starting more and more to refuse to eat and drink.  I know this is a control thing for him, but he is SO small, that he really needs to eat and drink!  We have him on Pediasure and we're adding calories to that as well.  If he refuses it, we've begun putting him in his room (not his bed, but on the floor by himself) for a few minutes and telling him it's time for eating, and when we come back, he needs to sit and finish his drink.  He usually will finish after that!  He's also getting around better, getting himself across the room that he's in, going over to the swing and laying under it playing, or engaging another child if they're nearby. He's playing with some toys and prefers the "big" items like a baby doll stroller or a ride-on cart to play with and manipulate!  There's no question that he's never "out of sight/out of mind" because he's either engaging someone else, or they are engaging him in play of some sort... ESPECIALLY Brianna!  James likes to mess with him and so does Emma, but Brianna wants to play with him and love on him.  Aleksa also continues to have a fondness for Wesley though she doesn't quite have appropriate play down and will often be too rough (like Emma...) or put things ON TOP of him... like... pillows.  (yes, we watch her VERY closely!!)

So, there's the other two kids that I'd left out.

And now... a few things that *I* am pondering, so why not ponder them (or share your own thoughts on them...) with me? :D :D

What do you send in your kids' lunch boxes for school?

What are some simple but good dinners your family enjoys?

What are some 'routines' or organization things or... whatever... that make your life go smoother?  I post about ours as I think to do so, like our "family closet" or cooking one day each week for the entire week.  So... what are your tips and tricks, time savers and sanity savers that help you do what you do?????


  1. My kids are snackers and don't like sandwiches, and one is gluten free and another (DS) has texture issues. So I bought bento box type divided containers for lunches. This makes it easy to fill with fruit, crackers, and other things to create almost a "Lunchable" type lunch. The teacher loves not having to help open ziploc or plastic bags, and I can buy in bulk versus little snack packs. Can't wait to hear other ideas!

  2. deb in princetonJuly 21, 2011 at 9:43 AM

    Lunch boxes: I make homemade waffles and freeze them. I put 2 waffles, a piece of fruit and a juice box. Another, tupperware of cereal, tupperware of milk, yogurt fruit. I also do wholewheat bread with nutella and good old pb.

  3. My little girl is a picky eater and does not like sandwiches. I have tried a lot of things. They last a few weeks and then we try something else.
    For lunch-
    We are in the North East and it is cold most of the school year. I got a small wide mouth type thermous and heat something up in the microwave for her in the morning right before we leave and add a plastic spoon. A lot of the time it is leftovers from a dinner I know she enjoyed. You don't need much to fill the thermous.
    I get a box of plastic spoons so I don't have to worry about getting it back.

    She is picky but likes macroni and cheese, chunky chicken & dumpling soup, oodles of noodles soup (I can add extra veggies to this), chili over rice or noodles, swedish meatballs over noodles, fried rice (Chinese carry out),ravoli, spaghetti & meatballs, noodles and butter, etc.
    Sometimes I will heat up a Stoufers type frozen dinner (like Swedish meatballs). For a while she liked peanut butter, or Wispride cheese, on Ritz crackers.Hard boiled eggs were popular for a while. I would draw a face on the egg. Tuna or chicken salad in a small tupperware container with saltines.

    She likes fruit so I will also throw in an apple, orange, kiwi, grapes, or a peach.
    For a change sometimes I get those individual servings of fruit or apple sauce, pudding and jello.
    They have milk at school.
    At school they also have snack time. I pack a juice box for that and put a small snack in a ziplock bag. I pack some healthy snacks like carrot or celery sticks, yogurt, granola bars, but some days for a treat I will pack something like hot cheetoes or cheezits I know she loves. She is a healthy little girl not too fat or thin so I don't worry very much about what she eats.

    They also sell little packs of cheese you spread on crackers. She would eat those for a while. I always write a little note and add a picture of something jolly. Even if they can't read yet they usually know a heart and a big sun with a smiling face.