Friday, July 29, 2011

Loving Summer

This week has been a laid back week of just playing together, relaxing, enjoying being home and together, and it has been great! :)

We've sat together and looked at books, watched movies, played games, worked on sitting together and played games as a family.  We've been swinging on the porch swing, danced to blaring music, and made tasty snacks to munch on together.

This week I've also gone through our school supply lists and I think we have almost everything that we need!  I finished registering the kids for school and talked to Brianna's teacher to begin planning for her school year.  We've still had our speech therapist come, but no doctor's appointments all week this week.  It's been a nice week of family time for all of us :).

Next week we have a few different doctor's appointments.  Lynae goes to the cardiologist to see what's up with her minor murmer.  We believe it is a PDA and will get more info and see what the plan is from here.  I imagine it will be a "wait it out another year" for her, but you never know.  We also have Micah's pre-op next week for another set of ear tubes.  And on Friday Wesley is being fitted with a 72 hour EEG which he'll wear over the weekend.  The following Monday while Wesley is having the EEG leads removed, Micah will be getting his ear tubes replaced.   It's hard to believe that we start school just 2 days after that!!

I've heard of one school district in TN that has a 1/2 day on the 3rd and starts school after that on the 8th.  Ours is the 10th along with a few other districts.  When do your kids start school?  Do you wish it was earlier or later or like the timing?

I always think school starts too early simply because I love having the kids home and I think I'd feel that way no matter when it started.  That said, I'm glad it does start when it does, because I like getting OUT of school when we do in late May :).

I just can't believe it's already time to start school again!!

This year Kristopher will be in 2nd grade, as will Aleksa and Emma.  Brianna will be in kindergarten and Wesley will too.  Aleksa, Emma, and Wesley will be in the same class and Brianna will go to that classroom for reading and math, but otherwise will be in a regular kindergarten class.  Also, Wesley and Emma will start the school year going only a few days each week.  We hope to work up to a 5 day week by the end of December and start back with 5 days in January.  James and Micah will both be in pre-k again this year.  James just makes the cutoff (September 1st) to go up to Kindergarten and Micah just misses it, but both boys would benefit from another year so that's what we're doing.  I believe that the teacher the boys had last year as well as the teacher that Emma had last year will both be returning.  Those two teachers will teach 6 of our 7 kids. So, we'll have just 4 teachers (and a million therapists LOL) between all of our kids. (Brianna will have two teachers...)

Oh, and I weighed all our kids yesterday just out of curiosity.  It was interesting to see which kids are the same weights!

Aleksa (8yrs 9mos) 43.8 lbs
Emma (8yrs 5mos) 34.4 lbs
Kristopher (7yrs 5mos) 43.8 lbs
Wesley (6yrs 5mos) 25.8 lbs
Brianna (5yrs 6mos) 29.0 lbs
James (4yrs 11mos) 29.0 lbs
Micah (4yrs 10mos) 31.2 lbs
Lynae (22 months) 22lbs

Maybe we'll try to measure heights soon too...

We're looking forward to an afternoon visit from out-of-town friends today  :)


  1. we have most of our school stuff but still have a little more like shoes for WIlliam and big binders. Its nice to cross things off of your list but I wanted to do them a little earlier this year The girls start school on the 8th (William...kindy...will be the next week)but are going to fla for 5 days but wont be home until sunday, 7th. So I have to be totally ready for school by no later than this Monday:)

    Ive been enjoying all of your updates and hope everyone gets (and stays on)the right track and stays healthy for a new school year:)

  2. You have such tiny kids!!
    Schools here start in the beginning of September. It would be nice to start a little earlier so we got out earlier! Charlie is supposed to start preschool this year, but I don't think we'll start till Jan., if at all!

  3. so lovely to see the weights and realise that my son Isaac who has Down syndrome and is 28lb at 5 yrs 9 months is not much lighter than Brianna - everybody thinks he's tiny and about 2 years old!