Saturday, July 09, 2011

"I have a big one" It just has to be told...

Sometimes there's a story that happens that involves one of the kids that just HAS  to be told...  And this is one of those.

My sister and her husband are down from Philly for the weekend (to see the last shuttle launch) and we had a  family dinner at my parents' house on Thursday night.    After a nice dinner of indoor-grilled burgers and dogs and some visit time with my dad's brothers and families, we were enjoying playing some word games on ipads while the kids had found laps to sit and snuggle on.   Kristopher exited the room to use the restroom and no one thought much of it.  We continued chatting across the room, adding words to our puzzles, and talking about randomness.

Then, Kristopher called out what, though maybe slightly embarrassing, began a conversation that he will be hearing in its retelling for some time :).  Kristopher called and asked "Dad, can you come here?" and we all learned that his tummy was upset.  Ok, not the end of the world, Michael went and talked to him then came back out.  A few minutes later, he called for Daddy again.  This time he asked "WHO??" and Kristopher was quick to say "YOU, DADDY!"   So it wasn't much surprise when again, a few minutes later, we heard Kristopher call down the hallway "Daddy!" but what followed is what we hadn't expected.

"Daddy, come here!  I have a big one!"

Now, just about this time myself, my sister and her husband Jim, my brother and his wife Erin, both of my parents, and my other brother all stopped what we were doing and sat in stone cold silence, trying for all we were worth not to laugh!

Michael, however, was just coming in to his element here, and said "Ok, Kristopher" and started to entertain a conversation about the "big one" throughout the length of the house and hallway.  To that, Kristopher put Michael to shame.

"Daddy, I have a big WORD.  AIMED.  Try AIMED!"

And so, our sweet 7 year old son, with an upset tummy, was missing out on playing the word game with his adult aunts and uncles and remembered the letters so he could continue trying to come up with a word that would fit while he disappeared to take care of some personal business.

I don't know if the word AIMED fit or not, but he was right.  That's a big one :)

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  1. lol. i seriously lost it with that one. :) i really had no idea what he was talking about until he was all 'NOT THAT!'