Friday, July 22, 2011

Another day, another Kristopherism...

Today Kris came in to the room I was working on a project in and said the following things to me... each on a separate trip... Can you guess what he was referring to??

Mom, I'm too tall.  I need to be shorter.

I think you're too short, you should be taller.

Everyone that beats me is fat, I'm going to make myself fat.

I'll only stay fat for a little while.  Next week maybe I'll be skinny again.

I'm already skinny again.  I didn't like being fat.

My friend loves James, so she's a favorite.

And the answer is....

Kristopher was playing with the Wii!  He was messing with all the Mii characters :)


  1. Alice in Wonderland? I have no idea but it's cute. I love it when kids say things like that.

  2. Wii something or other? I don't know if they have mii's on gameboy type things?