Wednesday, June 08, 2011

It is time...

Yesterday I resigned from the Reece's Rainbow Board of Directors.

Some of you are probably thinking... didn't you do that in September?? :)  Nope.

In September I stopped working as the Ukraine Program Coordinator, a 30+ hour volunteer job that I simply didn't feel equipped to do after adding one (ha, little did I know then that it would be two!) more child to the family.  I have continued the last 6 months on the RR Board of Directors as I had promised at the time that I officially transitioned off in the end of October.  Now, I feel like it's time for me to step down and seek the next ministry that God has for our family.

I love that God always creates perfect timing...

  • I didn't really think about my "promised 6 months" until after I'd actually "officially" resigned by speaking with Andrea then sending her my letter of resignation.  But it ends up that I served more than that 6 months anyway.
  • As with any ministry or business, there have been times over the last year that I aven't quite seen eye to eye with some of the other leadership of Reece's Rainbow.  It's nothing  that can be avoided when dealing with different unique viewpoints and with international adoption-- with diverse cultures and different perspectives on any given situation.  I am very pleased to be at a point of not just peace, but renewed friendship with anyone that I've ministered with at Reece's Rainbow who I have previously clashed with.  I'm not a person that likes conflict, and I especially don't like to "run" from conflict.  I'm very glad to have peace in resigning now.
  • In the last weeks I've remembered something about myself while taking a more active role in the forum changeover with RR.  I remembered what it felt like to be an active and 'necessary' member of a team. In this realization, I also recognized a trait that I believe RR helped me learn about myself in regard to where I minister.  That is, that God tends to put me into places where the gifts and talents that He has given me can be used in a unique way to serve as a necessary part of a whole.  In other words, when there are 100 people able to do what I do and share the perspective that I have, then that's not the area that God has me to be.  YES, being a part of a TEAM is very important!  And if 100 or 200 people are needed to do that task, then absolutely it is important to be there and active.  Within the RR leadership I am glad to say that there are MANY people that now share the perspective I have as an adoptive parent and the team that God raised up within the other areas I've worked (such as tech support, graphic design, and the Ukraine program).  I am SO GRATEFUL that God has brought other leaders in to Reece's Rainbow!  I know that it is time for me to find the next area that He has for me to minister in.
  • I want to make sure to be very clear in saying that there is nothing happening now, nothing that happened previously, and nothing that I can see coming that has caused me to step down from my role with Reece's Rainbow.  I am very glad to be stepping down from my position in a position of true peaceful release.
All in all, I am very glad to be at a place of peace in stepping back more fully from Reece's Rainbow and opening up to the opportunities that God is already (hours after my draft of my resignation letter was written) begun to present to Michael and I!

That little 'hint' from God?  Well, we had two men from Kenya, whom Michael has traveled and ministered with in the past, sitting on our couch today.  Let's see where God's going with that :).


  1. Meredith - THANK YOU FOR YOUR GRACIOUS WORDS!! Thank you! I was blessed a year ago when you walked beside us on our journey to Aaron. I am blessed by your growing family and heart for adoption and I am blessed by your desire to follow God's lead in your life.

  2. I had no idea you were still on the BOD! May the Lord bless you as He leads you to your next area of ministry! Thank you for all your dedication to the children and families of RR!

  3. You're moving to Kenya with all 8 little ones? :) Just teasing you. Praying for whatever next step God has for you. You and your family are a blessing!

  4. Congratulations on knowing God's timing for this. Everything on this earth is for a season and HIS purpose. Praying God gives you wisdom and peace for your next journey!