Friday, June 24, 2011

YAY for Pampers!

My mom just mentioned this commercial to me, and after seeing the entire thing for myself, I have to agree with this blogger:

It's awesome, and PRO LIFE!  Showing adoption, and special needs (a baby girl with Ds), what a great commercial!  Makes me want to buy Pampers!   (Except that they support UNICEF, which is very anti-adoption if the adoption removes the child from their culture and their funding makes a lot of places not want to allow kids to be adopted because they don't get money from UNICEF if they don't have orphans... so I don't love Pampers in that way...)
Watch, enjoy, pass along! :)

Love the commercial!  But still... I'll stick with Huggies


  1. Oh wow. Made me teary :)

    ps I LOVE Jill Stanek!

  2. beautiful! made me teary too :)

  3. Unicef is not against adoption they are against child trafficking which was what was happening in Guatemala, there is tons of child trafficking around the world disguised as "adoption"