Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Father’s Day in Pictures…

On Father’s Day we dedicated our three newest adopted children to the Lord during our Father’s Day services at church!  This dedication is more for us than our children, but with a blessing over them as well.  It is our formal ‘announcement’ and accountability that we will raise our children in the church and to know and love the Lord Jesus Christ as we do as well. 

This is also a time for the church to stand next to the families and say that they, too will be a support to the next generation of children as they are raised up within the church.

Aleksa, Wesley, and James were all dedicated and, aside from Wesley’s giggle antics, all did very well standing in front of the church body for the dedication!

 IMG_0768 IMG_0769 IMG_0775IMG_0774


During the service, the staff directors’ wives (the one female director- our nursery and children’s director- put her husband on the stand!) put together a “pick the pop” game, where someone had to identify which dad each thing described.  Here’s all the director pops on stage


After that game, they played a video of the staff dads and their kids, then were ‘surprised’ by their families all coming down front to close out the service in prayer over the men of the church
(pictured below are families near where our family was sitting, the stage is a semicircle, so that’s only half…)

IMG_0792  IMG_0791

Within our church’s 10 ministry directors, there are 36 children, 26 of whom are under 4th grade… and 15 of whom are 5 and under… 4 of us were all having babies together when Lynae was born (4 babies in 5 months!) and now the other 3 moms have had another baby each (one born this morning… she’s very pregnant in these pictures :)  ) and we’ve adopted 3 since then.  Three of us dedicated our newest additions that week together, as well as 18 months ago with our first set of kids.

It was a fun way to celebrate Father’s day and to come together as a staff family :)

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