Friday, June 24, 2011

Monday's "kid date" night!

On Monday the kids split up between Michael, grandparents, and myself to spend some time doing fun stuff!

Lynae and Micah went with me.  We shopped around Target for a few essentials and ate at their little food court area.  At that time Lynae had had two messy (nasty) diapers and was super fussy.  So... our 'date night' moved back to our house and we played outside and in the car as we cleaned out the big van.  Hey, they had a good time AND I got the car cleaned out.  And... Lynae had another messy diaper :(  Poor thing!

James and Brianna went with my parents, and they had dinner, played in the sand box, and played with toys at Grandmommy and Grandaddy's house!  They also went to the library and checked out some books then back to the house to read them.  They had fun!

Kristopher and Wesley went to the Dinosaur Store and Museum with Mike's parents and they had fun seeing the stuff there (no idea what, because I've never been! LOL) and picking out a few treasures to bring home as well.  Grandma and Grandpa brought them to McDonald's for dinner and to a park on the beach to eat.  That was Wesley's first time "close" to the beach (tho I don't think he went down to it, just stayed at the park nearby...).  I know they had a great time!

Aleksa and Emma went with Michael and had a quick dinner at Arby's before going to the beach as well!  I think they went out to a boardwalk, but they may have gone to the Jetty instead...  They walked on the beach and Michael took a bunch of pictures of the girls as well.  You can tell they had fun!

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