Monday, May 10, 2010

Happy Monday!

I think today I spun in circles :)

It started with the morning run...

Wheelchair to Elementary school
Drop by child's parent's home
Drop child at middle school
Back home to meet grandma and drop 3 kids there
To the church to drop a 4th child
To the elementary school for a "mother's tea" in Kindergarten
Back to the church to pick up 4th child
Back to elementary school for lunch with kindergartener
Back home to children 1 2 and 3 to feed the baby and put away laundry (and send a few RR packets while I had a minute)
Then back to the elementary school to get children 5 and 6 (with child 3 and 4 in tow).
Back home again to drop off two children and bring two children to physical therapy.
Home again to make dinner
Out one more time to take 2 children and go grab dinner on our "formerly known as a date night" evening but with 2 kids in tow :)
And back home... to rest!!

It was a busy day but it was great to see Kristopher's Mother's day program. I know that he worked hard as did the teachers and it was very sweet! James had fun hanging with Dad during the program then joined K and I for lunch outside at the school. He got to meet the PT and I turned in his paperwork to start therapies at the center here.

I even have a PT eval set up :) Now just waiting for ST to have an opening so we can get going there!

Tomorrow isn't nearly as busy, just a long drive ahead. One last trip back to James' foster mom for a few days and then later this week we'll pick him up. It will feel weird when he's gone this time since I've spent a full week with him (part in Tampa and part here). I'm sure his FM feels the same way when he's here...

NINE more days of school... I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one counting down, but I'm ready for the schedule to calm down a bit. I know the summer will still have busy days, but taking out 4 trips to 2 schools cuts back pretty significantly!

Have a great Tuesday! :)


  1. WOW!! Busy, busy, busy!!! Hope your week slows down a little so you can breathe :-) Excited that you will have your baby home soon!!!

  2. nice to see you are still out there! havent seen you in chat for awhile and havent heard from you on any topic so I am guessing you have been busy! I didnt realise you were so busy running back and forth! I guess you can say you're a runner now! lol. missed ya.