Wednesday, May 19, 2010


One Soccer party
Two beds delivered (not here)
Church with 9 of us
Lots of studying for final exams (For N)
laundry times 9
dishes times 9
sheets times... I'm not sure! :)
4 doctor's visits for 4 kids in one day
an award ceremony
A class party
A cast- purple- and WATERPROOF! :)
first day of early dismissal
a shopping trip to Kohl's
A porch now FULL of toys because James' toys were unpacked
a full set of mats down in the playroom and the kids are LOVING that!
Lots of rain and a lazy afternoon
Several days with NO TV and not missing it (nor was it on purpose)

Tomorrow is the prek end of the year party and the little ones' last day of school! James and Lynae will come with me and we'll all enjoy the water party with Micah and Brianna. Emma's party is in the afternoon and we sent in some games for them. We may stop in there but won't stay because it can be overwhelming to that class to have 'extra' people there.

Tomorrow is also N's last day because he'll be missing Friday. He's headed on to his next adventure and we will miss him! Tonight is packing for him and studying for his last finals tomorrow. His parents will come get him tomorrow afternoon.

Two more days of school (Emma and Kristopher go Friday) and then... it's SUMMER!!!