Thursday, May 13, 2010

Time deciphers

Brianna definitely hurt her hand. How bad? No idea. We couldn't even tell IF she'd hurt anything and moreso WHAT she may have hurt when she fell. Then she babied her arm, then nothing. But she went to climb up on the couch and clutched her hand then held on to it for a while and when climbing down did the same, crying both times. So, it's got to be her hand that's hurting.

I know that running to the ER tonight is pointless unless she really can't get comfortable and sleep. She's had Tylenol and 2 hours later some Motrin and is just about asleep with Mike in the recliner. Poor thing was not a happy camper this evening, though.

Tomorrow we'll head over to Tampa and likely will visit an Urgent Care Center over there after our meeting at noon. She has full mobility, can squeeze my hand, and doesn't really mind me touching it, but obviously putting pressure on her hand/wrist is hurting pretty good.

Maybe the morning will be better, but my guess is a trip for an x-ray at this point. Here's praying for a restful night for everyone and that she will be feeling better in the morning!


  1. poor girl. sounds like when casey broke a bone in his hand. :( hope it's better in the am.


  2. here is hoping that she is babying it out of fear. it was climbing that hurt it so maybe she is fearful of hurting it again so holds it when climbing. of course its never that simple with kids but just this once, I am hoping it IS that simple.