Wednesday, December 31, 2008

A Year in Pictures (and a few words...)

We started with Birthdays


Brianna's January 3rd


Celebrating early to stay ahead of the curve.

Then a few days to play

002 012

And to learn some new skills...

019 020

A new bed, a goodbye

023 024

And yes, a few spills


MORE playing, it's a must

041 045

The dogs joined in too


Then we set up the bedrooms

077 078

one purple one blue


K's birthday was early

096 103

By a month and a half


But Mommy was there and we had such a good laugh


Then out to make bears


One black and one brown


And before we knew it, it was time to leave town.

Ukraine 001

Our next destination was different for sure

Ukraine 005

The language and people, the keys and the stores

Ukraine 004

We bundled right up for the COLD cold day out

Ukraine 015 Ukraine 016

And finally found food a long way out.

Ukraine 024

We counted our Grivnia each day red and blue

Ukraine 045

Then we could eat HERE and enjoy it too!

Ukraine 057

Our appointment was coming, right next to this church

Ukraine 008

The sign unassuming you don't notice it at first

Ukraine 011

Then off to celebrate- with THIS? what is THAT?

Ukraine 013

But Mike had other things to pull out of his hat

Ukraine 014

Happy birthday to Mommy from two little kids

Ukraine 016 Ukraine 017

We're excited to add two more on and we did

Ukraine 037

Dinner with friends who spoke ENGLISH, YAY!

Ukraine 043

Then off to Korosten to spend many days.

Ukraine 002

What's THIS? you might ask, well it flushes, you see...

The big one for... yep, and the little for pee.

Ukraine 007

Then we met her, the sparkle in her eye, she was just beautiful and oh did we cry

Ukraine 017 Ukraine 020

So many other children all waiting there alone, and one woman so sweet took our cause as her own.

Ukraine 024 Ukraine 008

Then out to meet another, but wait, no gas? Take a look where we're headed...

Ukraine 017

And then a look back

Ukraine 016

Then finally, HELP! No, wait that's a pup...

Ukraine 018

But these two did finally get the car filled back up.

Ukraine 028

We finally met him, would he be our son?

Ukraine 016

Misha's his name and he was LOTS of fun!

Ukraine 036Ukraine 039

Then a weekend of turmoil and not much to eat... Yes, we found water and sweets... but is THAT really meat?

Ukraine 001Ukraine 001

But God's always good and provided a way for us to talk to others far far away

Ukraine 005

We wandered the streets out in the freezing cold

Ukraine 005

And saw many things that were a sight to behold

Ukraine 010

The most alarming was inside, it came from the spout

and Mike was in the SHOWER when this started coming out

Ukraine 046

Then we called out "goodbye" it was time to leave

and we packed back in the car and headed to Kiev. ((by the way, this is pronounced KEY-v))

Ukraine 001

The bustle of metros

Ukraine 002

Babushkas out begging, the ladies' HIGH heels (see that?) and no pants just leggings...

Ukraine 008

But we met more GREAT FRIENDS that were there for their own

Ukraine 034 ukraine 043

And found a litter of puppies, took pictures for home.

Ukraine 003

Then came a joy, meeting this little one!

Ukraine 008

No, she's not ours, but she did prepare us some

Ukraine 014

A Reece's Rainbow get together on the other side of the earth

Ukraine 017

Three families all gaining a child not by birth

Ukraine 022

Then FINALLY the day was here

Ukraine 003 Ukraine 008

To meet the two in our hearts we held dear

Ukraine 017 Ukraine 003

Our "second attempt" though we know it was planned

Ukraine 024 Ukraine 027

Because God does what's best

Ukraine 004 Ukraine 036

When we follow his hand...

Ukraine 064 Ukraine 002001

So together a family, still split by a sea

Ukraine 070

But Mike soon went home, and it was all up to me.

Ukraine 023

Except , not really- these guys helped out TONS

Ukraine 026

And hey, I saw my second funeral- isn't THAT fun?

Ukraine 010b

But then as I prepped to get ready to go,

I met so many children who I feel now that I KNOW

Ukraine 007 Sinko_Swrgey_2 Ukraine 011 Ukraine 015 Ukraine 019 Ukraine 024 Ukraine 032 Ukraine 034

All were waiting for families, TWO of them now HOME! But the rest are still there, and they are all alone :(

Ukraine 027Ukraine 037

Then say good bye to the caretakers first

Ukraine 008 Special needs workers

Then the director and his wife (who is also a nurse)

Ukraine 012 Director Wife Facilitator

Pack in to the snowsuits to sit in the car

and we stayed there ALL DAY though we didn't go far

Ukraine 014 First Car Ride

Then on their first PLANE! We were off to Kiev

Ukraine 015 First Plane Ride- Kiev

Micah refused to eat, guess he didn't want to leave?

Ukraine 017 First Plane Ride- Kiev

But Emma, all smiles, her first REAL bath

Ukraine 029 First bath

But those ribs, those arms, a sad aftermath

Ukraine 033 First bath

Yes, finally he drank- now come calories to burn

Ukraine 041 first bottle- 10pm

Then bath time, he wasn't happy it was his turn

Ukraine 052 first bath

These photos so tiny, each little rib,

Ukraine 058 scrawny

But you'd never guess now since he's gotten so big.

Ukraine 059 scrawny

Then down for the night well, them, not me... how could YOU sleep in this bed with all three?

Ukraine 001

My Dad soon got there and rescued us all

We did paperwork, passports, Visas, that's all!

Then boarded another flight set for HOME

Micah slept in this bag

Ukraine 012

And Emma preferred to roam

Ukraine 015

Then HOME! WE WERE HOME! And the grandmas were there

Ukraine 016 Ukraine 017

Grandaddy survived- though he spent more time in the air

Ukraine 020

And at last the kids met, they bonded and played

Ukraine 046 Ukraine 054

though Emma and Micah just on the floor laid


Our sweet girl and boy, we were glad to be home


And glad, as well, to not be alone!

Then Easter came, and photos were fun! Wow, it was easier taking pictures of ONE!

080 081 083 086sm

Then a party once home with our family and friends

017 022 037

But that's not where this long story ends...

The kids all grew stronger and learned new skills

005 006

Played with some toys and grew stronger WILLS!


We borrowed some cribs, put away the big bed


And now each little new one had a place to lay their head


We adjusted as a family for caring for FOUR little ones

022 028 005

LOTS of bottles, lots of clothes,

001 008

Lots of BUSY, lots of FUN!

012 016

The the day came when Emma went in

030 012

They said "we looked, and the chances are grim"

036 046

We didn't give up and a "YES" we would get...

But in the mean time Micah got some hospital time in yet.

064 013

Then fast forward a bit, everyone grew and got stronger,

It felt like we'd been together Much Much longer!

007 035 046 049 051 005

The kids each accepted each other so well

017 023 008 002 005 028 040 064 074 042

Which ones are adopted? No one could tell!

016020 048 056

We built up the memories, unsure of the future

004 015 023 025 028 055

Knowing the day was coming when we could be without her

056 092 094 011 040 063

But smiles and playing, new things into the night

041 066 009 013 036 042

Oh yes, and LOTS of praying with all of our might!

029 036 062 071 026sm 036sm 019

A holiday passed

005 007

A visit from Sis :)

041 019

Friends even came up to say "hi" to Mr. and Miss

DSC02594 003014 018

Then come the day did for the tonsils to come out

And who would have known she'd put up such a pout?

EIGHT days in the hospital but she came home at last! Now scheduling heart surgery, that was a pest...

017 006

She came all set up with cables and wire, monitors and oxygen of those we would tire!


But the weeks they flew by, yes they went by quite fast

001 003 006 007


_MG_0561 099 113 124

And the surgery we dreaded was upon us at last.

002 004 013 002

Sometimes we've felt we were trapped between these


But astounded we were when Emma came home with EASE!

007 001

Who would have known that she'd been through so much?

Oh, yes, God really graced her with His touch.


Now we laugh and we learn, do new things every day

040 035

We've been BLESSED


And I didn't think THIS we'd ever say

Emma's SATs are so high! She's doing so great!


It's a joy and a wonder and we celebrate :)

031 033 033 010

On to Micah's birthday, he's TWO now you see!

040 078

The adventures keep coming for each of them and me :)

015 007 015

We took a nice trip and met lots of friends!

020 009 029 052035 071

All her time, Mrs. Andrea to Reece's Rainbow lends...

012 015 009 015 027

Then off on a CRUISE! With Shelley no less:) And we met more RR families with us!005024

It was time for the Buddy walk, this year with FOUR!

012 030 031 052 058

Then a birthday for Grandma and through pumpkins we tore

015 024 055 057 IMG_0758

Now we're growing

IMG_0794 385 396 411

And changing

438 013 017 030

And learning each day

038 052 084

With more visits

094 103

And laughter

113 114

And lots of time to pray

116 119

So as the year ends

121 208

And 08 comes to a close

095 219

We'll be sure to keep busy


So that everyone knows


That 2009 will be even better


But don't expect NEXT YEAR to have such a long letter!

T-shirt 4x6 copy

Wishing you the best for 2009!

With love from the Cornish Family!