Wednesday, May 05, 2010

A little update :)

I'm over in Tampa enjoying myself with our new little guy :) An update on My Normal Family soon to come!

Back on the homefront...

Friday is a scope to find out whether Micah has Celiac disease. Celiac is a gluten intolerance and that's the extent of what I know about it at the moment :). I have a feeling I'll be learning a lot more about it in the very near future, but the positive screening doesn't mean that he definitely has Celiac. Honestly, I don't know what the process is o really what all is happening... I never did receive a call from the doctor's office to let me know that he had a positive test result or what to expect next... Anyway, that's Micah's update!

Brianna-- I was asked why it took 2 years to get the issue fixed for her to receive OT services again... When she was in Early Steps (the 3 and under program) she and Micah both were receiving OT services which we chose to put on hold. There was just too much going on with everyone at the house and scheduling wasn't working out (the available appointment time was 8am on Mondays... which I wasn't able to do!). So we asked for them to be put on hold. Then we did Brianna's IEP to transition her to the school system and I was surprised to hear that the wrong box had been checked or form or whatever (I don't pretend to understand what they did there either!) and instead of being put on hold with OT services she (and Micah) was released from OT. So... I asked that she be evaluated when she started school and during the 5 months she was in school last year she never was evaluated. I brought it up again the 3rd week of school this year and it has taken all school year to get her qualified for services again. So... she stopped OT in April 2008 and here we are May 2010 when she's starting (and should have had OT today I believe!). In other news she's figured out how to JUMP! Woohoo! :)

Emma is LOVING her new AFO's and I hope to share a video soon ;). She loves them and has so much more stability with them! She is excited about that stability and it's harder to get her to sit down now :D. She's walking with one-hand assist and even with me just holding her shirt behind her shoulders (for a little stability). I'm so excited for her to go to PT next Monday and to see whether she'll do the next tasks we've been working on for a while. For whatever reason, she's much more likely to "perform" at PT than she is for ME! Ah... at least one of my kids likes PT lol

Kristopher's last soccer game is Saturday but he has LOVED playing soccer! He's going to miss it, but it is nice to have the 3 days/week that he's doing soccer back :). He has gained a lot of confidence in playing soccer and I think it's been great to have a coach telling him what to do and not do, etc. so he also has learned teamwork and respect in this. I'm glad soccer's almost over, but I have a feeling we'll be back at it before too long if he wants to do it again.

Lynae has almost figured out how to pull to a stand. She is definitely a MOMMA's girl and lets me know this regularly. She's loving babyfood now and has traveled great with all the trips back and forth across the state. I love watching her grow and change!

James-- you'll have to read his update on My Normal Family :)

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