Tuesday, June 18, 2013

My Choice

If I could choose today to live my life any way I wanted to, without any concerns for what others think, without any fear of financial burdens, and without any past or future concerns to bog me down, this is what I would do…

I’d give every day from the time I wake until the time I sleep to serving God and loving others.
I’d find ways to bless instead of curse.
I’d pour in to the lives of the younger generation of girls and boys that are trying to find their way.
I’d look out for those that society looks down on, and make sure they know that they are loved… No, adored.
I’d love my family unconditionally, grow it by God’s calling, and love and serve my husband foremost, submitting to him as I do to Christ.
I’d show my children through life, word, and deed, what it means to live for something greater than themselves.
I’d start each day in prayer and end each day in prayer, and spend the day in constant conversation with God.

Then, I wonder… which of those things can I not do today?  Which of those things are made impossible by my concerns for what others think, my fear of financial burdens, my past or future concerns?  And why not decide right now that those things, are going to be me?  Right.  Now.