Thursday, May 13, 2010

Some Brianna updates

Yesterday I brought Brianna to the pulmonologist. In December she started with a wheezy cough and it stuck around until late March. It was nice and rattly in her chest and nothing was getting rid of it. We were referred to pulmonology, but of course the appointment was made for- mid May. So she went in yesterday and now has a script for Pulmacort to take using the nebulizer 2x/day whenever she gets a cold. If she gets wheezy she's also to use Albuterol. She also got a Nasonex script for use whenever she's got a runny nose so that it doesn't carry on longer than necessary and settle in to her lungs and such. Pulmonologist wants to see her back in 6 months. I'm just glad to have a way to help her if she gets that way again, and to prevent it is even better!

In other news, she decided to climb EMMA's bunk bed today. She got to the top once. The second time she didn't quite make it. Now, Emma's bed doesn't have a ladder, and was raised so that the bottom bunk has head clearance for an adult man. It's a pretty tall bed. I know she hadn't made it far up because she was only around the corner for about 10 seconds before falling and crying, but regardless of how far she fell, she wasn't happy about it!

In true Momma fashion I'm still wondering if everything is 100% ok or if I should be taking her to have anything checked out. She can move every joint and I touched and pushed on her all around. She's babying her right arm a bit but could be that she was holding on with that as she fell and hyperextended it... or... no idea! She was around the corner, up, and had fallen before I caught up with her.

So at perfect Grandparent fashion, as I asked Kristopher to get me my cell phone so I could look a number up and call someone to come help me out to get the kids down while she wanted nothing more than to be held and I didn't think it very nice to tell her "sorry, you got hurt at bed time so you just sit there for 30 min while I get everyone else in bed," the doorbell rang. It was my parents :). They were coming bringing fresh pumpkin bread (yes, some people still do that, isn't it awesome? And YUMMY smelling!) and to pick up a stool that we were getting rid of and they found a new home for. (Some older woman will be enjoying a perch for weeding now!) They happened to have a few minutes to come in and 'visit' and in doing so helped hold the sweet (but upset) little girl that fell down while I started on PJs. And, in the way of "when one thing happens it's a spiral effect," I also got a phone call from a parent of one of my Ukraine families that's overseas with some questions. So I was even able to take that call and the kids continued getting PJs on and Brianna was snuggled. Couldn't have planned that all out, but very glad it worked that way!

Oh, and Mike and N are at the church working on some project that needed to be finished tonight since Mike and I will be in Tampa tomorrow.

Brianna's still babying her right arm a little, but she's smiling (begrudgingly) and clapping to Barney and is sitting on the floor not connected to my hip. So I think she's ok. I waited about an hour after she got hurt to make sure everything seems ok and then gave her some Tylenol just a min ago so any minor aches and pains would be warded off. I'm pretty sure the extent of the damage is just a bruise (if that), and my parents agree, so that's always helpful.

I didn't need a trip to the ER tonight! Unless all of a sudden she decides that something is very painful during the night, I think she's just fine. Hopefully she was just well-shaken from falling down. (And maybe... she won't climb Emma's bed again?? For a while anyway??)

And yes, their bedroom door will be closed now. No need for a repeat tomorrow! Brianna used to be very careful about getting her feet off the ground, now she appears to have taken a 180 to being a daredevil. Time to up the caution again! Not difficult now that I know she'll try to climb. I already don't let the other kids in that room unless they're in bed (that room has the kids that can't get out of their cribs alone) and now it's just plain off limits. Problem solved, potential crisis avoided! And sweet little girl not even babying her arm now that I'm done typing. Must be time for bed.

Or, warm pumpkin bread with cream cheese.... yum.

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