Thursday, July 31, 2008

Kristopher just said...

"MOM.... Micah's chasing the dog and he's going in the living room..."

I replied with "that's ok, he'll be fine, the dog can get away."

After all, Micah was just trying to pull the dog's tail a minute ago... what could happen LOL.

To that K replied "but MOM... it's NOT Ok."

Right, right, I know, I can't see them, why is my 4 year old the one pointing that out? Oh... maybe it's because I finally sat down with at least a drink since the kids decided there would be no napping today and I've yet to have any real meal...

"Well, I will get them in a minute, but he's ok until I" Nope, didn't finish my sentence.

K butt in with "MOM, it's not OK, you're supposed to say YAY MICAH!!! Because he's CRAWLING!"

"Ohhhh.... right... YAY MICAH!"

SO glad this big brother is so proud of his siblings' accomplishments :D

What were YOU doing at 3am?

I was up playing with the pulse ox. I was attempting to get it to work again. No go. I tried a new prove (but the other was only 24 hours old since I hadn't had any probes for 5 days before that...) then I tried plugging it in without the extension. I unplugged everything and plugged everything back in. I switched toes that it was on. I tried her thumb. IT DIDN'T WORK. So I took it off and I went to sleep. No alarms, no buzzers, and would you know that she actually left her O2 on prety decent and when I checked on her she still was wearing it? Nice :)

This afternoon it's working.. after messing with it for 15 minutes. UGH.

If you're one of the 4 people that's waiting on a package from me- it's in the mail!! The toys, Ukrainian goods, and the madrushka keychains are all on their way, thanks for your patience!

We're off in about 3 hours to head to St. Pete. Just my big girl and me. I'm sure it'll be nice to have some time alone with Emma, despite the circumstances. Tonight we'll have dinner together, we'll snuggle in bed together, and tomorrow we'll have breakfast together before headint to the hospital. Then in the afternoon we'll have lunch together and drive home. Please pray for safe travels as we hit the wet roads this afternoon.

More later... I met with the little one's program director for the fall today so I have good stuff to share... eventually :) Now I'm off to do laundry and dishes. They're calling my name :)

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The blessing and the curse

The blessing is that last night I *FINALLY* got new pulse-ox leads. Now we can tell how Emma is doing. This would be after not having any since Thursday during the day. We moved Emma to our room and have been getting up every 30 min-hr to make sure she has her O2 on. I'm very glad we got the leads, and last night when her O2 levels went down we were alerted rather than having to wake ourselves.

The curse is that last night I got new pulse-ox leads. Now we can tell how Emma is doing. Oh, wait, it's the same? Yes, now we know how Emma's doing. We know she's running 88-89 during the DAY. Up to maybe 94 as a high but generally high 80's. Her alarm has gone off every 15 minutes since she got up this morning (alarms at 88). She hasn't gone below 88 though, so I guess that's good still. (edited to add... strike that... try 86. Looks like she may be on O2 during the day by the end of today.)

It's amazing to me how one piece of exuipment can make such a big difference in how we live life. For instance at night last night I still wasn't able to sleep through the night because, well, let's face it I was up every 30 minutes for 5 nights and my body says "CHECK ON HER" and so I couldn't just put it out of my mind and sleep soundly. Then there's the fact that we really haven't known how much O2 she needed this past 5 days and had it set at 3/4 liter/hr (prescribed amt was 1/2 but we knew she was having trouble still on that amount and was always needing 3/4 or 1 lph). So we've just had it set at 3/4 this past 5 days. Good news is that is what she was on all night and did just fine on it-- when she had her oxygen in.

This past few days has been busy but good. We've visited with 2 of my aunts, 3 uncles, 1 sister and 1 SIL, my parents, Mike's parents, his grandma and his aunt, and Mike's cousin's son. A bit of a flurry of activity and now we've got a little "down time." Tonight is speech but otherwise I'm free to go to the post office, the store, to put away clothes, attempt to pack a bag for E and I to go on Thursday (and Sun if I can manage it), clean up a few pieces of the house that are needing some attention, and do all those other little fun things that you do on a day when nothing is planned out.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008