Monday, May 03, 2010

A productive day!

And another busy one


Brianna's IEP was today and she's officially ready for her K-4 year! I'm happy with her IEP and goals, and we finally have OT services added back in (after losing them because of the wrong box being checked 2 years ago!).

I also was able to get Emma qualified for ESY, or summer school... which is only 4 days for 3 weeks, but it's something... and more than nothing! Thanks for all the positive replies on that. I think she'll do well with it and hope it ends up benefitting her.

I also got a call from the children's hospital to schedule Micah's scope. If you're like me, you're thinking... WHAT scope?? Yes, well, they had written down that the results had already been given to me. Oops on their part I guess? Anyway, she did say his celiac screening came back positive and they wanted to scope him to know more. Friday I'll head over to the children's hospital for Micah to be scoped.

And... Tomorrow at the crack of dawn. No, well before, actually... I'll be headed over to Tampa. I'll be there from Tues to Thurs probably and able to attend 3 appointments for James while I'm there. Then he'll hopefully come back here for a long weekend with his new family :). I haven't seen him in over a week and he's been sick and I'm very ready to see him again!

Lynae will come with me and this afternoon I had a sitter come and get reacquainted with the house and what needs to be done here so she can come help out one evening while I'm gone. Mike will be able to take N to youth group and have a little time to do whatever errands need to be done too. I will feel like I'm on vacation with only a kid or two for three days, I think!

Now I just have to whip the house into shape before I leave in the morning...

On a positive note, I did get two bedrooms, the family room, and the porch rug all vacuumed, shampooed, and vacuumed again over the weekend! We also got the big van washed and a 'child guard' installed at the end of the driveway to keep the kids on bikes IN the driveway and the people in cars OUT of the driveway when it's up :)

We also built two dressers and finished up the 'closet' part of the office. I'll have to post a pic when it's all settled in... but at least everything is BUILT! Mike put the shelves up late last week for bins with clothes the kids have outgrown to go on top of the clothes hanging racks. We now have 6 dressers in a row and all the kids' clothes above them. I also have 6 hanging racks for 6 days each of clothes! And a table to sort and fold laundry on. Poor Mike has lost his office :)

Now back to e-mails, I have a few important ones I've read and not had a computer handy to answer on. Tonight is our weekly Ukraine chat which I've missed the last several weeks and ope to hop on there and say "hi" to all the mommies in process :). Maybe I'll say 'hi' and then vacuum all the Styrofoam off the living room floor that's left over from making the dressers??

OH- and I built a DVD cabinet last night too (hence the foam) which I was VERY glad to get for 50% off when I went to the store the other day. I've looked at it twice then went back to buy it and it was out of stock. Finally it's back in and it's on clearance! Yay for that! We also put tot locks on it to keep the kids out and Mike secured it to the wall. LOVE tot locks. If you don't know what they are and you have little inquisitive children... you should learn! :)

I'm looking forward to a busy time the next few weeks but integrating a new child into the family is always a bit crazy at first :) Add to that the end of the year 'stuff' and we're glad to have two sets of grandparents and a new babysitter ready to help out some! Also, the pool is WARM! And I can't wait to get into the pool and start therapy with the kids this summer!! I can see how strong Emma is getting and can't wait to see how she gains, especially. James, too, since he's not walking yet. I think he's going to enjoy it!

Off to do what I should be ;) :)

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  1. I wish you a wonderful and safe trip! I saw you at school and tried to get ya, but you were on a mission to your car, stroller and kiddos. I was surrounded too! Glad your IEP went well, you are in my thoughts! ♥ U TG