Saturday, May 01, 2010

Oh yes

She's sitting, and has a tooth, and is crawling. Lynae is on the move! She even is getting up to sitting on her own on occasion. What am I going to do with another mobile one?? :)

Mike's on cloud nine. He loves it when the kids get mobile :) He's been encouraging this behavior... He calls it helpful. I say "lay down!" :)

Such a blessing to see little ones learn new tricks though!!


  1. i know what you mean but you have to admit it is nice for them to get off of the floors and be able to walk in public sometimes ;)

  2. Wasn't she JUST born?? Where does the time go? Mine just turned 7, and it feels like I just got home with her. :-(
    Allison in TX

  3. Fun!!!! I love this stage too, even though it means more trouble:)