Monday, March 15, 2010

The normall blog

The other blog I linked over to isn't something I'm ready to move over to at the moment. Some people have asked about accessing it and whether I'll keep it password protected or open it up to the public, etc...

Right now I'm just playing around with the Wordpress format and trying to learn what I can do there. I don't know much about it and it's not as 'simple' as blogger. It has a lot more options but in a way that makes it harder! I don't know WHY, but somehow I haven't had a whole lot of time to devote to playing with it either...

But to answer about the passwords and such, I literally posted just saying "can you read this please let me know" :) I tried out different posts w/ different passwords then attempted to access the posts to see what it acted like and whether one password unlocked them all, etc. It doesn't, and that's a neat feature as I could have some posts that are semi-public and some that are even more private and just use different passwords for them.

I do NOT intent to have the entire blog go private, so no worries there!

If anyone uses the online version of Wordpress and wants to give me a quick tutorial of how to get around in there and maybe even answer a few of these questions, I'd appreciate it!
  • Can I use a downloaded template when using the online version? I can't figure out how to do that if I can...
  • Are there other tools in WP (online, not hosted on my own) that I should check out?
And Lu, great master of all things Blogger... HOW do you password protect a single post in Blogger?? Do tell... I had no idea! Maybe our normal family will stay put right where we are... :)


  1. please don't leave me out. i have followed your little family for years. their little faces make me smile. and i admire your intergity.

  2. I want to know how to password protest a single post on blogger too!

  3. It is actually rather easy, you have to add a bit of code to your html and then there is a link you go to to enter your post (including pictures if you put the right code in your html) and you choose the password (you can use a different password everytime you do it) you want and then no one can see it unless they have the can use it for all or just part of the post (as the following example shows)

    I used the password for a blog give away I did in November to get people to put a bauble on their blog (ok, now I know they are called 'ornaments' in the US so people probably thought I was saying something dodgy lol)

    If you enter 'yes' in the box you can see how it works...

    IF you want, I will email you all the directions for this... I did for someone else already and as far as I know, she used it successfully :)

  4. I should mention, the question to answer is 'Do You have a Christmas bauble on your blog' or something like that, click on the text... it pops up with the place to answer the question (encryption key) and voilĂ ... more stuff to read lol!

  5. Ok, clarifying...

    The code is in the blog code NOT each post... just to encryp it you go to a website that encrypts it and you simply add a line of code to your post. Less difficult than embedding a video...

  6. I'm linking to your blog right now. That way I will know when you are sick- I hope you feel better soon!!!