Tuesday, March 23, 2010

It's way past time

To update my blog layout!

I love, really love having all the photos of the kids lining this page, but it's been about a year since I put it up and it's way out of date!! Lynae isn't in any of the photos and I can't stand that she's 6 months old and 'left out' of the blog layout. So it all shall go for a time! I will try to make another layout that is personalized in the future, but for now, we'll stick to cute and free and different :) And so you have it... green stripes and flowers and ribbons. And a 45 second change-over. The pictures didn't disappear, they're just hiding :)

I was able to get the certified letter from the post office yesterday and Emma had her first PT session in several months. She did great! She is very close to being able to stand up from the floor without assistance or holding on to anything. Now it's time to start padding the house! Or maybe just her head... if you see pic's of her with a cute little helmet on... you'll know why! (no, we don't have a helmet for her but I'm not kidding when I say that it may be a necessity!)

N had his first guitar lesson yesterday and Robert (my brother) taught his first lesson :) I think both the men had a good time and N is very excited about it! I was actually SHOCKED to hear that he is able to play several chords and isn't having difficulty getting his fingers to hit just the right strings and not the others around them. That's generally something that takes some time to learn but he seems to have an aptitude for it. He has some things to work on and practice for the next 2 weeks before they'll have another lesson. I think they're both enjoying it!

Kristopher is a silly little kid! Yesterday he brought his lunch to school then left it in the classroom when they went to lunch. Not the end of the world, he bought a lunch (I prepaid a few) and he brought his lunch home. I asked him to put it in the fridge for the next day then took Emma to therapy. When I came home he asked for a PBJ sandwich before soccer practice which has been the general dinner for him on practice nights so I made it for him. When I was almost done he told me he needed to make his lunch... I eventually found out that he ate his sandwich AFTER school instead of having just a snack. Grandma thought he hadn't had lunch. Then I find out that he even bought a PBJ sandwich for lunch! That kid ate THREE PBJ sandwiches yesterday! It's no wonder he was complaining of an upset stomach at bedtime...


  1. silly kiddo, at least he ate lol
    I like your new layout

  2. Here is the helmet we got for Jonathan. It's specifically for new walkers, but we use it for his head hitting issues. I LOVE it! It's flexible, has openings to let ears and head breath and is comfortable, (as far as I can tell ;o) ).
    Really a good price, there are a couple different sizes, you'd have to measure her head, and I think they can make different ones if need be.