Friday, August 29, 2008

My first political post

I generally steer away from politics and don't voice my own opinion publicly-- well, not THIS publicly. But I have to say that the news is buzzing about McCain's possible choice for Vice President... Sarah Palin. From the first I heard her name mentioned in this race I've thought Wow! That would be awesome! For starters, she's a pretty down to earth person and has done good things during her time as the governor of Alaska. Also, she got national attention-- MY attention-- when she made a public statement that she knew her son would have Down syndrome when she was pregnant, but she decided to continue the pregnancy anyway. Not only that, but her most recent statement says something to the effect of "Yes, he has an extra chromosome, but when I look at him I see perfection." That's the kind of person I want to see in a public office. That all encompassing love she shows to her youngest child (she has five).

Anyway, I'm waiting expectantly to see who McCain chooses as his running mate. Anyone else keeping an ear tuned this morning? I believe McCain will make his announcement at noon in Ohio. Some sources say Palin is still in Alaska, and it's not her. But really... who knows? I think it's great all the positive press that has been received simply from those quotes of hers making news.

(I know many people hold VERY varying ideas... so as long as your comments are both factual and kind, I won't moderate :) )


  1. Looks like it's official now! I like the choice for a lot of reasons! She seems like a great woman who I could easily cast my vote for!

  2. It's going to be a history making election, whoever wins!


  3. Yes, WOW!!! With tears in my eyes....Pro-Life....Thank you Lord.

  4. I liked the idea of McCain for president before! NOw I love it!
    He made a great choice!

  5. I'm conservative, so I definitely like the VP slot on the ticket! Hope she's moving to DC with the family soon!

  6. I also like her comments about her own son, but I need to know more - what is her stand on disability issues in general? How has she voted on such issues? What has she done to support people with disabilities? What are her committments to education for children with disabilities? It's bigger to me than just her loving her own son...