Tuesday, March 23, 2010

CPR and First Aide?

Anyone know of a CPR and First Aid class coming up soon? Before we can do unsupervised visits with our future son we have to have these two certifications. It can NOT be done on the internet (yes, I asked about the quick crash course ones online since I've already been certified multiple times but they won't work... which I'm kindof glad of, but I did ask ;) ).

The next ones offered by our hospital aren't until May and we'd like to see him more before then!


  1. Did you check with the Red Cross and the American Heart Association? They both offer CPR/first aid classes.

  2. http://www.midfloridaredcross.org//class_view.asp?nroClass=1397&SN=5928&OP=6161&IDCapitulo=9B23PSXU4I&location=276&languages=English

    There's one this weekend in Rockledge ...

  3. If you have one, also check with your local YMCA