Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Dear Santa,

Oh yes, SANTA is a part of Christmas at our house.  After all, Santa is the one that is so excited about Jesus' birth that he wants to give EVERYONE a gift that day!

Today Kristopher helped me write a "family letter" to Santa.  The experience went something like this:

Me: Kristopher, how should we start a letter?
K: "Dear Santa..."
M: Ok, then what do you want to say?
K: "I want a...."
M: Um, isn't that a bit early?  Shouldn't you talk to Santa before you jump to the "I want?"
K: Right, ok.  "Did you have a nice year?  Are you ready for Chrismtas?  I want..."
M: Wait, this isn't about "I want.."  What else do you write in a letter? Something about yourself maybe?
K: Right.  "We had a great year this year!  Last year mommy was in Ukraine adopting my brother and sister, Wesley (COMMA) and Aleksa.  This year we are all at home."  Is that enough talking?
M: Yes, I suppose so.  Now you can ask for a gift...
K: "Kristopher would like a remote control robotic dinosaur skeleton with a frog that it can eat and you can see the inside from outside of it and..."
M: Wow, that's intricate.  Have you seen this somewhere?
K: No, I just made it up.  Sounds neat, right?
M: Yes, it does.  What is your favorite toy that you already have that you play with?
K: My gooey animals   (*note from me, these are gooey type of plastic sand-filled creatures that are wiggly and about 6-9" long, a lizard, snake, turtle, and I think he has a dinosaur... sold at WalMart and Target for $2-5 and a big hit around here)
M: Ok, so what things do you play with the most?
K: Stuff I can make things with
M: So, why don't you ask Santa for something that you'd like the most, that fits with some of the favorite things you have, but is different?
K: YES!  Ok, change it then...  "For Christmas, Kristopher wants something gooey and slimy and fun, and maybe a dinosaur that can eat them.  Aleksa, Emma, Wesley, Brianna, James, Micah, and Lynae would like a fun toy that talks or makes noise." Then, Mom, we have to tell him thanks.  "Thank you for celebrating Jesus' birthday by giving gifts to all the children!"
M: "Love, The Cornish Family?"
K: Yep, now, hit "send"

** If only the little boy knew that Photoshop (which I used to make the letter) doesn't just "send" :)  I guess we're emailing Santa this year!

*** The slight prompting has likely helped Santa, who has already had the elves hard at work finding perfect toys for all the little boys and girls in the Cornish household.  The "maybe" might just become a 'no' for the dreamed up dinosaur though!!


  1. That is the greatest idea for incorporating Santa into Christmas! I may just have to borrow that one :)

  2. I like the robotic dinosaur. :) What a great imagination!