Friday, December 23, 2011

Hungry, Hungry Hippos!

Each year we have done a very small gift exchange between the kids.  Most of the time… Kristopher buys a gift for the other kids and Brianna buys one for Kris.  For us, that works.  K enjoys shopping and picking out things and it’s a great way to get him in the GIVING mood!

This year we did it just a little different… we did let K shop for the other kids, but instead of $5 (or less) gifts for each child, he wanted to get a few things for all the kids to share.  I gave him a budget and he picked three things for the kids.  1) a movie pack with 7 or 8 classic Christmas movies.  2) Hungry Hungry Hippos game.  3) a small playdough set with number stencils.

We let him wrap up the gifts and he gave them to everyone today rather than in the busyness of Christmas morning.  Then… the kids all got in on the Hungry Hippo game!  Everyone except Wesley can play easily (and we’ll get a game going on his wheelchair tray another time and help him play too). 

Aleksa was too distracted to actually play, and some of the time Lynae and Kristopher were helping the other kids to press their buttons, but they all sat, played, ate the marbles, put them back in the middle, and LOVED it! :)

IMG_3186 IMG_3172 IMG_3179 IMG_3182

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  1. Haha, the "ate the marbles" part had me worried for a second there lol. I love that game!