Friday, December 02, 2011

Still here, still keeping on!

I haven't blogged in a coupled days, but we are still he and going in Bulgaria! Tomorrow (Saturday) we head for home and will have a looong day! Leaving the hotel around 6am, we will arrive home around 7pm. That doesn't sound so bad until you add in the 7 hour time difference! It will be about 21 hours of travel from the time we leave the hotel until we are home!

Unfortunately, we weren't able to arrainge flights for me to go all the way home with Shelley and Annikah, so we will be parting ways before our last leg of the flight. Thankfully, that's not a long one :)

So, today we have a full day with packing, dropping off the last of the things that were brought with us for other people, visiting with new (and old) friends, packing up our things, and getting ready to say goodbye.

The home front seems to be doing just fine, which is a huge relief and blessing! I miss the kids and Michael and look forward to being home, but have been enjoying the time here as well. We have spent some time with a family adopting a 2 yr old with down syndrome and I've enjoyed stealing a snuggle from their little man.

Off to get the day going. After all, it's already 10am here!

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