Thursday, December 22, 2011

A midnight review

It's been a nice, but long, day!  Our first day of Christmas break :).

This morning the kids were up at an awful hour... you know, one similar to the hours we have to keep when they go to school?  At 6ish I got Lynae some medicine and went back to bed, then by 6:30 or so Michael went in to separate out the girls because they were getting wild.

By 7 I think everyone was up and by 7:30 so were we!

Breakfast, medicines, hair, teeth, toileting, clothing, and play time followed.

Lunch seemed much too close to breakfast, but even so we didn't eat until 12:30.  At the end of lunch Mike was going to go lay down but instead was told of a problem at work and headed to the office with Kristopher.  Today was his first day off too.  He hasn't felt great the last few days and was really looking forward to that nap, so at 2 or so when he did get home he went and laid down.  I didn't see him again until 5!

The kids had rest time then we attempted to entertain ourselves without opening up the play room since it runs along the back of the house including where the master bedroom is located.  The kids were hyper and not exactly thrilled without having their room to run, but we all survived.

At 5 Michael emerged, I got dinner going, and by 6 or so we were all sitting down and eating.  A late dinner after a lateish lunch led to a later time of putting on pajamas and getting to bed.  By 7:45 or so all the little ones had been diapered, changed, medicated, teeth brushed, and tucked in to bed.  Kristopher and Michael played a computer game until 8:30, an extra special (late!) treat for Kristopher.

I laid down before Kris ever went to bed, however that wasn't meant to be the end of my day...

Before I could fall asleep...

One of the kids was rocking.  Mike went to investigate, didn't discover a culprit, came back to bed.
I got up to get a drink.
While I was up Kristopher cried.  I went to ask him what's wrong to which he answered "nothing" and went back to sleep.
Before I got back to bed Lynae started coughing.  I went to her, gave her a little drink and a small dose of med and thought I'd go to bed.
Kristopher started crying again.  This time I insisted he get up and go to the bathroom... just in case it would help.  He did.  I guess it did.  Haven't heard from him again.
Then I checked on the little boys and found James sprawled out on his belly on the carpet... next to his bed.  I picked him up and put him back on his bed then closed the door...
I went back to bed. Yay! Time to sleep.  Curled up on my body pillow, stole the sheet and blanket back from Michael and...
Lynae started coughing again.  So, I got up again, found the Vicks Baby Rub and went to slather her feet and chest (no idea why the feet, but hey, it can't hurt, right?).
While in with Lynae, a pungent odor permeated my nose. It either wasn't there last trip through the bedroom or I was too focused on the coughing to notice.  Either way, Gross.
Emma had pooped.  Got her up, cleaned her up, slathered her in better-smelling diaper cream and shipped her back off to bed and I left the room once again.
Then as I thought I was done for the night, Lynae coughed some more.  I went back in AGAIN, got her propped up on a second pillow, retrieved the now-empty sippy cup that she'd had Pedialyte in, and once again left the room.
Quiet... quiet... THUD.  THUD.  THUD.
Emma is trying to get comfy and she uses her FEET to push herself around on her back.  She was kicking the wall.  So... back in to the girls' room to move Emma's feet from against the wall.
Maybe, just maybe, now I can go to bed and stay there?  After all, it IS midnight... and chances are pretty good that though the kids went to bed almost an hour later than they normally do, they won't sleep in that extra hour in the morning!

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