Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Wow, what a blogging break...

There's been quite a lot going on the last 10 days or so!  It's been an emotional roller coaster in some ways and just busy in others.

We've had an abundance of Orlando appointments the last week or so including having 5 kids fit for orthotics.  One set is ready now, but we're going to hold out for the next two to be done to make that drive again!

In addition to the 'normal' life stuff, I've been doubling up on everything, making extra meals for all of the kids, extra dinners for the family, and sorting out clothes to get everyone ready for me to LEAVE!

Yes, that's right... I'll be heading over to Bulgaria with my good friend Shelley for NINE days!!  That means setting up child care, lunches, dinners, smoothies for the boys, clothes for the week, and anything else I can accomplish in order to help Michael out so that he can have a GOOD time with the kids while I'm gone :).  Shelley is adopting a little girl with Down syndrome that's just a couple weeks older than Brianna.  I'm excited and blessed to be able to go with her and help her and her sweet daughter home!!

I'm excited to be meeting up with friends tomorrow and ALL the kids will be home!  Then Thursday is Thanksgiving, and we'll be having our feast here at the house with just the ten of us.  After dinner I'll be putting up leftovers, freezing what we can and setting up lunches for the family with some of them while I'm gone.  Then... we're going to head out to visit with family here in town then back home to do my final preps for the trip.

A busy, but good week.  Now it's time for a busy week of another sort, and a week of travel!! :)

Please keep Shelley and I in your prayers as we travel, and her new daughter as she transitions to her new home!  Also pray for Michael since he'll be doing the 'single parent' thing for a week.  And our childcare: Mike's parents, my parents, and Katie and April.  Also, my sister and brother in law that are helping with horse therapy while we're gone, and whoever else might be in and around and affecting our household and children and Shelley's adoption and her family and... the list goes on :)



  1. Fun! I follow Shelley's blog(s) also, but didn't learn about either of you from the other and somehow didn't realize you were so close - so that's going to be fun to read the trip from both perspectives!

    Praying for your family and all of your 'community' of support while you're gone, and for your time in Bulgaria!

    Lisa in CA

  2. Thinking of you in Bulgaria. God be with the two of you and make you a huge blessing.