Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Our visit with the Comellas!

We had such a nice time visiting with Lisa, Dan, Elaina (sorry if I misspelled it…) and Danny today!  They were in FL at Disney and took the time to drive out to our place and spend the afternoon with us.  What a blessing to get to know their family! :)

Here’s Lisa and I with the ten kids…


Lisa with Brianna (excuse Brianna’s horribly long bangs... they are cut now though! LOL)


Elaina with James.  They were buddies :)


Emma took to Lisa like she doesn’t take to many people!  She wanted to hold Lisa’s hand, sit with her, and smiled (and was clapping) sitting with her!  They had such a sweet little instant bond!


Danny was thinking it’s pretty fun to hold the younger kids after he held Lynae in the group picture.  Micah—wasn’t as sure :)


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