Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Isn’t It Amazing… What Love Can Do?

This week marks 14 years since Michael and my first date.

BEST 0025

I’m pretty confident that I never in my wildest dreams imagined we would have eight beautiful blessings right now…

BEST 0117

Aleksa has grown and changed so much.  She is by far our most challenging child to parent right now, but wow, what a blessing it is for us to look her in the eye (she will sometimes make eye contact :) ) and tell her we love her.  It is amazing…

BEST 0192 

Emma is such a little GIRL now, no longer the infant-like preschooler we brought home.  She is WALKING, and communicating, and we are continuously amazed by what this sweet little girl figures out!

BEST 0093

Our handsome little man that is growing and changing every day.  Kristopher has such a tender heart toward his siblings as well as other children with challenges.  He’s such a loyal brother and friend and a sweet sweet boy :).

BEST 0046 

Wesley has come alive!  His head nods and sense of humor are his best ways of communicating, but the light in his eyes says “I know EXACTLY what you’re talking about!”  What a joy to see him continue to mature and reach his potential!

BEST 0076

Brianna’s determined nature continues to come out, and to be pruned and molded.  I’m enjoying our homeschooling and so is she.  It is amazing to see what she knows and find new ways to teach her each day.   Brianna’s sweet spirit has come alive and she is such a joy.

BEST 0161

Goodness, how James has changed in the last few months!  Our “little wild man” has calmed SO much.  A mixture of maturity and diet, he has molded in to a young man that I didn’t think we’d ‘see’ for a few years still.  James’ playful and alive nature is still very well intact, however, and his cheerful attitude is contagious!

BEST 0037

Micah has matured so much in the past months as well, and he’s met milestones as well!  Our newest little person in UNDERWEAR is a great start, and he is such a little helper now.  Micah loves to snuggle still, which is one of the first qualities that new friends always notice about him.

BEST 0151

Lynae is all SPUNK.  Our sassy little two year old knows she is loved and wants to make sure she gets as much cuddling and snuggling as possible, whether it’s with Mom, Dad, or Brianna, Lynae loves to sit close.  With so many older siblings and such an atmosphere of therapy and learning, we are always amazed at how much Lynae picks up of the stuff we are teaching the older kids. 

BEST 0144 

And this picture, well, they didn’t have to convince me to sit with my arms around him.  Fourteen years after that first date, I am so glad God brought us together!

BEST 0006


  1. What a pleasure and blessing to watch your family grow and flourish with God's Love.

  2. Totally amazing! Beautiful photos too!!!

  3. You have a beautiful family!

  4. Beautiful, each and every one of you!!
    Love the details about each one and how much they continue to be molded and shaped into the very person God created them to be!!

  5. You have a beautiful family. It is awesome what God has done in your lives.

  6. What beautiful pictures! Happy date-iversary!

  7. What beautiful pictures of your beautiful family!

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