Saturday, November 12, 2011

Horse Therapy!

Before I tell about horse therapy I want to THANK everyone that prayed for our family today!  The decisions we were asking for prayers about have been made, and God has made them CLEAR!  We praise Him for that!!

Ok... horses!!  Of course, I forgot my camera...  My sister and her husband had cell phones, but those pic's aren't uploaded yet, so they may or may not come.

Today Micah got on a pony first.  He LOVES the horses!  He rode, grinned, flirted with the girls walking his pony and side walking, and just ENJOYED it all!!  Kristopher got on a big horse and enjoyed it too!  He was a little more cautious getting up, but his week he's going to have his first riding lesson (since he's not needing therapy...) during this time.  He enjoyed it and I think it will give him a great confidence in him as well :).  Lynae rode the pony after Micah and loved it too!  She had a combination of working hard on the horse and being lulled, and she was about ready for bed when she got off!

Aleksa's ride was a little more interesting.  Though she typically makes things more interesting on her own, this instance was even MORE interesting than she could have provided :).  She got on, rode for a bit with a side walker, and the owner of the therapy organization and I talked about how she needs an adult side-walker that can help keep her in the saddle of the big horse, since she's got such low tone that she'll slink off to one side.  The owner ended up finishing up her session as her side-walker, and what ended the session was when Aleksa was thrown from the horse as it laid down and began to roll!


The owner grabbed her quite literally in the air and pulled her away.  YES, she got dirty.  OH YEAH, she got scared.  AND SO DID I!  I watched it happen and went immediately out, but she really is ok.  The horse was tired, and my understanding is that this isn't the first time she's done this.  YIKES...

Anyway, everyone responded quickly and calmly, everyone is safe, and best part of all?  Aleksa doesn't realize that that's not supposed to happen :).  She will, inevitably, get right back on the horse when her turn comes around again in a couple weeks!  She's quite a trooper :).

Next time I'll try to have pictures! :)

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  1. That's so scary! Glad she is okay. I was thrown off when I was learning to cantor. The horse just spooked. Falling was not the scary part... the horse running around in the arena and I was afraid she'd run me over before I could get up. I wasn't scared to ride again, but I said never gain on that horse! So, the instructor put me on a different horse, on a lead, so that I could learn to cantor in a more controlled setting. I was riding in circles, not so bad, and then, the saddle slide right around and I was on the ground again! Fortunately, that horse just froze.