Saturday, September 17, 2011

One year ago today...

One year ago we first heard from Alla, now a sweet forever friend who we've had the blessing of spending quite a bit of time with in Ukraine during our time there.  In fact,  a year ago today I was sitting in the Orlando airport on my way to Ukraine when I received it!  I was in various airports in the USA when we exchanged multiple emails... one including a photograph that brought tears to my eyes.

After two and a half years of wondering what became of Aleksa, I laid eyes on a picture- maybe a year old- that confirmed that Aleksa was alive and well... and that Alla ministered at her institution!

Today, one year ago, we began what we didn't know would end up being the first day of our adoption of Aleksa!  We are forever gratefu to Alla, Oksana, and Misha for their love, assistance, friendship, and most of all, their continued ministry to the least of these... the disabled orphans of Ukraine!

The photograph which first brightened our hearts and gave us the knowledge that Aleksa was alive... the one which stirred our hearts in to action...

On the left, in the green shirt, is 7 year old Aleksa.  

More to come...


  1. Is it the same Alla with Bible Orphan Ministries?

  2. Yes, Marianne :) Alla with Bible Orphan Ministries :)

  3. How blonde she was! Now she is your dark-haired beauty :-)

    Incredible how it was only a year ago. You just never know what lies ahead on the path of life, do you!

  4. Aw, she's so sweet, isn't she?? I love what they are doing for the orphans.