Tuesday, September 13, 2011

What was that again?

This pretty much sums up my feelings on the word too, but how touching to hear it from Russel's SISTER.  She is a sweet new college student who we've had the blessing of spending some time with a couple years ago.  Her heart... it's real.

Please think before you say "retarded."  It is a word in the medical files of six of my children, but not a single one of them is worthless, stupid, disgraceful, or featherbrained, as urband*ctionary . com lists out with its hundred word list of synonyms for the word.

Do you say it?  Then you're perpetuating it.  And my kids... they're the ones that overhear it when you say it... one day, they will know and understand.  Yes, at times those remarks have even been pointed at them from people who should know better. Doctors feel the need to bring it up regularly too it seems.  When you say it... you're referring to them, and people just like them.

If it was simply a medical term, like having blonde hair or blue eyes... then the most voted on definition on that popular website of definitions wouldn't be so destructive.  No, it's not just a word... it's a word that's used in society as an insult of either oneself or another.  But really?  You're saying that yourself or others... are like my kids.  And somehow... people seem to think that's an awful thing to be.

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  1. Great video! our 16 year old shared it on her facebook page with the note: "Close to home! Please Please read this!" Our 18 year old who has Down syndrome read it, watched the video, had tears in his eyes when he posted on his sister's page, "Best sister ever." The word does hurt. He knows.