Wednesday, September 07, 2011


It's been a long day, but a good one!

We started the morning out at 5:40 with showers and dressing, getting kids up and dressed, some of them fed (others eat with their class at school), medicines in, hair, teeth, glasses, shoes, and all eight out the door.  Drop six of them off at school then Brianna, Lynae, and I went to Target to pick up birthday gifts :).  Lynae will be TWO on Friday, and Micah will be FIVE on Saturday!  I'd price checked and looked around a bit and decided to get some things from Target.  So... an hour later and a little bit broker :)  we emerged!

I swung by our house and picked up the basket full of wet laundry out of our washing machine and a trash bag with the kids' dirty clothes and tossed them in the back of the van along with my portable paper scanner wand thingy so I could scan some documents before mailing them.  Drove to my parents' house to drop off the laundry... not because I'm a sad college student wanting mommy to do my laundry, but because our dryer quit working last night and I had a load of wet clothes that were clean, and a full load of laundry that needed to run... my mom allowed us to do it at her house.

Not only did I drop off the clothes, but my parents decided to hang on to the girls as well for a couple of hours.  I was headed to a Bible study at the church, so they were headed to the nursery anyway.  Grandmommy did our laundry AND hung with the girls and I went to study David :)  (um... Biblical David... Just in case you're wondering...).

I went to the church for Bible study and called Mike to scan the paperwork for me since that was easier than my little portable doohickey... and... I'd left the actual paperwork at home!  Oh well... so much for that idea.  Bible study was great, though :).

After Bible study I picked the kids up from my dad, since my mom had another appointment just as the Bible study got out.  Lynae was curled up with him and just drinking him in :).  We headed home, put Lynae down for nap, and Brianna started working on her word board.  I was on the phone for a bit, finished getting the addresses and such on to the paperwork so I could drop it off to Mike in the afternoon, made some reheated pizza for lunch, and my brother and sister-in-law stopped by.  David (my brother this time...) was there to mow for us, so Erin came in and flipped through the kids' fundraisers while we just chatted for a bit.  Before we knew it it was time to grab the girls and go pick the rest of the kids up from school!  (Without the folder with the things to mail of course... Oops!)

After school I ran back by my parents' house and picked up the last of our clothes from their dryer then headed home.  Before we'd been in the door too long Michael called and said that the repair man was on his way for the dryer.  About 45 minutes (and several whispered curses at our very annoying to work on LG machine) and $60 later the repair man said there may still be a warranty on it, and if so he couldn't do warranty work.  But if not, the electronic panel appears to be bad and he'd have someone call us tomorrow with a cost estimate.  Great.

The entire time he was there, I was attempting to set something up on the computer for Brianna and some combination of my computer being REALLY slow and the program not liking that the screen is REALLY tiny, it didn't work.  Five minutes and it was DONE on Mike's computer once I gave up using the laptop.  Oiy Vey.

It was dinner time by then, and I quickly did a load of dishes then started in on dinner.   Mike came in from work and was greeted by reheated yummies :) Nope, not pizza.  (On second thought, Michael did end up eating pizza... Hmm...).  At about 6pm the kids finished up eating and went off for baths and tooth brushing, meds, hair brushing, pajamas (no, they didn't do that all naked... this is in no particular order...) and then off to bed (yes, last!).  By 7 everyone was tucked in, Wesley had his brace on, Brianna had been to the toilet AGAIN, and the house was QUIET... except for Kristopher :).  He and Michael read for a little while out of his Jackson Jones book while I hid in the front room sorting laundry and attempting to make heads and tails out of the laundry monster that long ago took over that room!

Once I had 7 sets of clothes out for each of the 8 kids to take care of the next week (do the math, that's a LOT of socks!) I reemerged and Michael decided it was time for me to eat dinner.  Nice man :).  I made a sandwich and then started in on getting the kids' lunches packed for tomorrow.  By 9:15pm I had clothes ready, lunches ready, and was ready for BED!

Just one of the "typical" days around here... EXCEPT, that normally Brianna and I have some 1:1 time to work on school work.  Today we knew would be a little crazier than normal, though, and we did school on Monday even though the rest of the kids were out.  The broken dryer?  That was a bonus :)

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  1. Wowzers, lady! I just became really, really grateful for my quiet time this morning reading blogs and drinking coffee while Lily watches Mickey Mouse! ha ha Such a good mommy with a big balancing act! :)