Thursday, November 01, 2012

The upward swing?? It's NOVEMBER!

I'm ready for health!

In good news, most of our children are in recovery mode, though we have some lingering coughs and runny noses.  We have had 3 days fever free for most of the children as well! YAY!!

Unfortunately, after 2 rounds of antibiotics, two of the kids still are testing positive for Strep!  Lynae is running a fever, feeling pretty puny, and she and Brianna are both still positive.  We had 7 of them tested yesterday (not Kris or Delaina) and that was the result.  We started a 3rd round of antibiotics for the two girls and are going to go in on Friday morning to retest them and be SURE that the antibiotic is working!!

Micah, Aleksa, and James all are on the tail end of being sick, we hope!  All three had pneumonia and are all still coughing some, but they no longer have pneumonia and they are all now negative for strep, so the cough may take some time to clear up.

Delaina has a little bit of a clear runny nose and is sneezing a bit.  Praying that she is just adapting to the weather changes and not getting sick!!

We now have hepa filters with UV in our family room and hepa filters in each of the kids' bedrooms.  We are hopeful that this will help cut down on the amount of airborne germs and it will help with dust and such as well.  At the very least, it can't hurt!

And today, November 1st, we're finally "well enough" to carve out a fall pumpkin together.  Here's to a fresh beginning.  We may not be all 100% and off antibiotics and everything else, but we ARE all happy and thankfully appear to be on the upward swing!

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