Monday, November 12, 2012

In my spare time


Girls’ Morning Out with Aleksa, Brianna, Lynae, and Delaina for…Operation Christmas Child box shopping
Grocery shopping

Then home for 45 minutes to eat lunch

Mid day I spent 4 hours going to the ENT with 8 kids in tow.
Micah and James will be having ABR’s done as the next step, and Micah will “likely” be getting hearing aids due to his hearing loss even with tubes in.

Home for 15 minutes before family showed up for an impromptu birthday dinner (a month late because we rescheduled it since everyone was sick last time!) for Aleksa.

Dinner, showers, PJ’s…

Then more errands and home by 10pm.  Nurse Delaina and put her down while playing a word game with Michael.

Where did today go??? Smile

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