Friday, November 02, 2012

Pumpkin Time!


Yeah, we’re late, but guess what? My kids don’t care :).  Today we pulled the seeds out and scraped the “ewwwwww” out of the inside of our pumpkin, then we totally cheated and put cookie monster in the pumpkin!  Oh… but first someone else wanted to try out the pumpkin ;).

Everyone keeping their hands to themselves… today was NOT the hands-on teaching it could have been because we don’t want to spread any more germs!  Plus, we’re going to cook the innards so didn’t want everyone’s hands in it.


Every time I pulled a bunch of the scraped innards out all the kids said “ewwwwww” in chorus.  Even though they couldn’t touch, they still had fun!


Our finished cookie monster pumpkin! (yep, totally cheating!)


A LOT of fresh pumpkin, ready to blend and steam, and a bowl of seeds ready to wash and roast!


And a little girl (who was ready for a nap) trying out the pumpkin after it was scraped!


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  1. Love the pictures of course, but what I'm really loving is this picture of Aleksa! Her hair has gotten long and beautiful. Like so many of the post institutional kids, she looks like an entirely different person than she did 2 years ago!