Sunday, November 25, 2007

One week

It's been one week tomorrow since our dossier was submitted to the State Department of Adoptions overseas, and I understand that this means we are 5 business days into what *could* be the 20 day wait- by law we should hear something within 20 business days. But... our facilitator says "you may hear sooner" and our friends say "I've been waiting 5 weeks". So we are hopeful but not TOO set on hearing soon. The official "20 business days" will be December 17th.

Please continue to keep Aleksa in your prayers. Her health, safety, and her state-of-mind. Many have told me (individually even, so I feel this is a move of the Spirit) that they are praying that there is a worker at the institution that will be taken with Aleksa and want to care for her and spend extra time with her. Someone to look out for her and know she's fed, safe, and happy. This is my prayer as well. Thank you all so very much!

And I cannot help but share that tonight I was burdoned that yes, we're praying for our daughter, but there are so many others that will never see a forever family and they need our prayers as well. Even more. So please keep these 'lost' little ones in your hearts and prayers as you remember our family as well.

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