Sunday, November 11, 2007


I like lists. Well, except grocery lists. I don't make those.

Anyway, recently I've made lists for
Christmas presents
Clothes that we have/need for each of the kids
Things to still do for the adoption
And my most recent... What to bring overseas.

Here are some suggestions that have been made to me. The country we're traveling to is still considered "third world" and the area we're going to is a very small town. We have been told to expect "urban camping" for 7-10 days of Mike's 2 week stay and then the first two weeks that I'm there on my own. Before and after that we'll be in the capital (3-5 days in the beginning and 2-3 weeks at the end). Rolling blackouts, lack of water for days, no heat, and possibly no hot water at all. Sounds pleasant :) And, a little girl :) THAT is the best part! As soon as I have custody of Aleksa we will head to the capital.

Please let me know of any other suggestions you may have for things that we should/shouldn't take with us! Especially if you've already traveled for your adoption, what things did you find most valuable? What things could you have done without?

• Leatherman Tool
• Sharpie Marker
• Balloons
• Luggage Tags you can spot a mile away
• Flashlight (power outages)
• Peanut butter and other snacks
• Carry along toilet paper
• Tape measure (soft one, to measure child for clothing)
• Cable ties for luggage
• Ziplock bags
• Wet wipes
• Hand sanitizer
• Small sewing kit
• Melatonin
• Tylenol PM
• Cough/cold/allergy/Immodium AD
• Under-the-clothes money holder
• Games, puzzles, etc
• toys for child, coloring books, bubbles, etc.
• Envelopes with pre-sorted cash for different places that needed to be paid for
• Universal flat sink stopper to wash clothes, etc. in sink
• Washcloths
• Band-aids
• Kleenex- travel size
• Febreeze
• Alarm clock
• Listerine strips, gum
• DVD’s and player
• Sippy cups
• Medium size duffel bags (not large or even suitcases, cars are small!)
• Umbrella
• Digital camera
• Laptop
• Space saver roll-up bags
• Chapstick
• Lotion
• Safety pins
• Books
• Gold bond
• Power converter
• Backpacks
• Cards to give with gifts (or to put $ in as a gift)
• Lots of plastic bags (walmart type) for groceries, etc.
• Beach balls
• Pull-ups
• Portable clothesline to hang clothes in the bathroom over a tub and clothespins
• Instant oatmeal, tea bags, sugar, hot chocolate

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  1. when we travel we put colored tape on the outside of our luggage. Like bright green or neon orange and make a BIG X on both sides of our luggage. Makes it alot easier to spot when you are standing in a crowd at the baggage claim.