Monday, November 12, 2007

If I told you everything went perfectly today

Would you believe me?? Probably not. Not the way our trials have gone so far in this journey anyway. It seems that if there can be a way to do a paper wrong- any paper- that we have had it happen.

I picked up the notarized copy of our doctor's medical license today and the expiration of his license is Jan 31, 2008. Our country requires all documents to have a 6 month "shelf life" on them before they expire. Any document expires on the earliest expiration date written, or 1 year from notary date. So the copy of the license does expire on Jan 31st and so does our copy of it.

Our facilitator has said to send the dossier without this paper as it is more of a 'supporting form' than a necessity and in the mean time we will work on getting a copy of the new license as soon as he gets it done so that if it is asked for we have it.

We are still waiting on the final homestudy papers and the social worker's employment letter. Both were needing corrections and Mike's parents picked them up for us this morning on their way home from a vacation weekend. What a blessing to have people around willing to chip in and help!

More updates later I'm sure.

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