Sunday, September 02, 2007

The Beginning

We are adopting! At the request of friends and family I've set this up so you can follow along on our journey. The beginning... We have a child 'in mind' and are planning for a 5 year old little girl with Down Syndrome. For the time being we will call her Aleksa. She will be just over a year older than Kristopher and 3 years older than Brianna, which seems to us like a perfect fit! It looks like we will be traveling to meet Aleksa in March/April and will bring her home shortly after!

At the moment we have scheduled our home study (this Friday!), completed the application for my passport (Mike has his already) and completed the I-600a (Homeland Security petition to adopt an orphan child) paperwork. This week I'll be working on getting copies of Mike's and my birth certificates so that both applications can go in the mail. I also need to get a check cut for the I-600a and a photo for my passport. By the end of the week all 3 pieces will be started.

Soon after receiving our I-600a we should get an appointment for digital figngerprints to be done. Once those are in, the homestudy is done, and my passport arrives we will be on to the first waiting phase! This initial process usually takes about 3 months. We shall see!

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