Monday, September 10, 2007

The real test of adoption

is not whether or not you will commit to love and care for, provide for and include, raise up and teach... it is whether or not you can make it through the process to get them!

Today I decided I should get my bloodwork done since Tomorrow is already booked pretty tight and I don't want to wait too long to do it. So I load up my two kiddos and the baby that I watch (5 mos old, I will call her Bella). We get in the car, drop by and have lunch with my husband at the church, then off I go to the hospital to get my labs drawn.

Not too complicated- sign in, they give you a buzzer (the hospital has a huge atrium area and the lab waiting is in there- thank GOODNESS!) and you wait for registration. And you wait...and you wait... and you visit the bathroom with your 3 yr old, and you go to the car for a bottle for the baby (might as well get the entire bag so we don't have to make another trip). And then you finally get called for registration. Turn over your insurance info... and wait... Wait for them to upload you in to the system, change addresses, make sure you're still married to the same person (seriously, they asked me that). And of course comment on "Are these ALL YOURS??" Luckily, I could answer "No"! LOL After registration they send you back in to the atrium for yes, a little more waiting. We looked at the fountain, made laps around the waiting area, toured the seating for the cafeteria, explained to Kristopher about 50 times that no, we wouldn't be climbing those beautiful winding staircases nor would we be riding the elevator today. It's lucky that Leo and Annie (from the Little Einsteins) hitched a ride or we would have been very out of luck. Finally we settle (for about the 10th time) in to some chairs and Brianna was making enough fuss to want out of the stroller (of course I was holding Bella the entire time since she wanted nothing to do with the carseat after getting out for her bottle). So with two girls on my lap, the stroller parked in a 'no parking zone' and Kristopher making laps around both the stroller and me, they call my name. Hmm... now what? Toss two girls into chairs, clean up the entire ensemble of Little Einsteins (along with a machbox car and his sunglasses, the buzzer and my paperwork...), and follow the lady through the double doors.

Now I have to brag on the nurses though. I come in with three kids, two girls that are obviously unhappy about the quick way they were put down and their lack of movement in the now still stroller, and the nurses did not run away. In fact, another came over and cooed at Bella while she told of the tragedy of being put down. Kristopher was enthralled with the idea that MOM was getting the shot, and Brianna sat like a princess making eyes with other nurses as they roamed the halls- since of course with a double stroller we were all pretty much in the hall!

I do believe that the reason that they needed bloodwork done may not have been for the actual blood tests at all, but for the test of GETTING it drawn! CAN you survive going to the hospital with three children and waiting forever? There's never a boring day... never at all.

Best of all, that's not the end. We then proceeded to the bank and on to the Sherriff's department for fingerprints. By this time I'd talked Michael in to joining us and it was a much smoother process. Then off to the records department for local background checks and HOME AT LAST! So, we can check off bloodwork, local background checks, and fingerprinting! YAY!

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