Monday, September 03, 2007

A little about Aleksa

We have been fortunate to find out some info about little Aleksa that we never thought possible. Thanks to a new friend who has held and interacted with Aleksa, we can share a few details of our little one! Aleksa has medium brown hair and GREEN eyes (I told Mike we would end up with a child with green eyes like his eventually!) She is very tiny, an approximate height is 36" and weight of 25 lbs. This is an 'eyeballed guess'. Just a little perspective: Kristopher was about 28 lbs and 36" at TWO years old. Aleksa is 4 1/2. She currently has a very short cut- about 3" of hair all the way around that stands up a little. We can't wait to put bows in it and let it grow a little! In order to be in the orphanage that she is in she is probably day-time potty trained, able to feed herself, and able to be involved with the other children enough that she doesn't require too much individual attention (although what child doesn't NEED it??).

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  1. I'm so excited for you guys and for Aleksa. What a wonderful family she is going to belong to. I can't wait till she's "home". :)