Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Want to race??

Back in September when we first learned about Aleksa a friend and former student of mine approached us with a fundraising idea.  April wanted to do a 5k to help us raise funds for Aleksa's potential adoption!  Unfortunately, timing didn't work out to do it before the adoption, and the race was scheduled for April 30th :).  Fortunately, God provided our funding in other ways, but this race is still on April's heart, so the vision stayed the same but the financial side has changed :).  April's heart is for orphan care and for kids with Down syndrome.  She has a HUGE heart and I'm so glad to call her a friend!  Did I mention that April is 18 and has a 5 year old (adorable!!) sister with Ds too?

Well, this race is now going to be a fundraiser for both our family AND another family that I consider great friends.  The BEDFORDS!  Yes, that would be Shelley and Robert who have 3 bio little ones as well as 3 adopted boys w/ Ds and they are adopting... a girl!  Their daughter will hopefully be coming home this summer!

We gratefully accepted April's offer to help with medical bills for Aleksa and Wesley, but we wanted to also make sure that the race was helping to bring home another child.

If you are local (or not local but want to come!), check out "Aleksa's Walk/Run 5k" at their blog, and register today!

Oh, and did I mention the race location??  It will be at April's family farm!  All the runners get to pick a free pint of blueberries after the race.  Come join us for a day of fun!!  April 30th, registration online (links on the blog) and paypal payment available online.

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